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Low grade nickel laterite ore sulfuric acid a high-pressure atmospheric combined extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Low-grade nickel laterite ore sulfuric acid high pressure a normal pressure combined extraction process
high pressure acid leaching process and atmospheric pressure acid leaching process, the extraction of low magnesium nickel laterite ore, will produce large amounts of free acid, also face and in the subsequent processing and the question of impurities such as iron. Therefore, appeared with magnesia type 2 of nickel laterite ore for atmospheric pressure leaching process, its purpose is to neutralize the free acid leach liquor, precipitation to remove most of the ferric iron ions.
Garingarao as early as two paragraphs atmospheric leaching method to deal with different layer of nickel laterite ore. In atmospheric leaching type low magnesium sulfate added in leaching solution of nickel laterite ore magnesia type 2 atmospheric leaching of nickel laterite ore, to neutralize free acid and nickel leaching of double effect. Zundel using magnesia type nickel laterite ore in the condition of normal pressure and high pressure acid leaching solution, and then will return to high pressure leaching process of leaching residue remaining nickel. Chou formally put forward the famous AMAX in the patent process, is a kind of using magnesia type nickel laterite ore to neutralize nickel laterite ore high acid leaching liquid of thought. Murai, people such as high pressure - were analyzed Atmospheric process of nickel laterite ore of economy, and points out that the production of nickel hydroxide drill products higher than production sulfide product of economy. Extraction co. , LTD.
zhengzhou days EPAL process had been developed, which is applied to project processing operations of nickel laterite ore in Australia. EPAL process flow diagram for 1 - 14.
the concrete process as follows: using humic upper nickel laterite ore containing magnesia type neutral leaching, using flash after pulp waste heat direct response. At the same time, the K +, Na +, NH4 + is, by adding seed crystal and make the solution of more than 80% of the iron to form ihleite precipitation. Then add to join the limestone slurry, pushing more formation of jarosite, this process is called induction iron vitriol precipitation. Neutralization of nickel in the process of leaching leaching rate can reach more than 89%, the leaching liquid iron is lower than 3 g/L. To join in the neutral leaching liquid magnesium oxide, nickel drill production mix, and then shipped to Queensland Yabulu refinery for refining processing. The main advantages of EPAL acid consumption is low, nickel drill high leaching rate, neutralizing agent consumption and leaching liquid of high purity.

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