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Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction in the application of the tea deep processing

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
At present, the method of extracting effective components of tea water extraction, organic solvent extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction method, etc. Including the extraction of supercritical CO2 extraction is only for a few components, and the cost is very high. Organic solvent extraction, although high extraction efficiency, organic solvent is often difficult to removal from the final product, easy to form organic solvent pollution. Tianyi extraction technology team through a variety of experimental study on the new-type. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine, this equipment use organic solvent extraction method to extract organic solvent extraction can be recycled to use, greatly reducing the waste and improve the efficiency of extraction of organic solvent.
the main ingredients in the tea polyphenols and aroma substance has larger prospect in medicine, food, the use of centrifugal force, under the condition of the active ingredients can efficiently extract the tea. The technology not only can keep the original flavor of the tea, reduce the destruction of the active ingredients, and can obtain high extraction efficiency. Because of solvent extraction technology in extraction has many advantages, in recent years, many researchers have also put the solvent extraction technique is applied to the tea deep processing, the following a brief introduction of the respectively.
1。 1 solvent extraction in the application of tea beverage quality
extraction technology is a key link in the production of tea beverages, due to the complexity of tea ingredients, when the water leaching, all kinds of water soluble substances will enter the water phase in different degrees, the ingredients of tea tea liquor color, taste is decided, the influence of extraction effect is good or bad directly affects the subsequent production process. Thus extraction conditions were determined as the key technology of tea beverages. More than the current production adopts high-temperature extraction method, although the high temperature is beneficial to leaching amount, tea contains ingredients can cause theaflavins and tea red pigment decomposition, carotenoid and chlorophyll structure change, have adverse effects on tea color and luster. And low-temperature extraction tea aroma stability is better, but inclusion leaching amount is low. So using. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction method to extract tea is the best way. Solvent extraction can not only accelerate the active ingredients of tea into the solvent, solvent and is beneficial to penetrate into cells, the tea increases the effective ingredient solubility in the solvent, shorten extraction time, increase extraction yield. So the. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction machine and the method of organic solvent extraction method, on the basis of guarantee the raw material use, can effectively improve the quality of the tea beverage.
1。 2 ultrasonic application in tea aroma substances extraction
tea beverage with natural, health, quench thirst, refreshing and other characteristics, was welcomed by the consumers. In the extraction process of tea drinks in aroma loss is an important problem in the process of production. Aroma is the very important quality characteristics of tea drinks, tea aroma with the amount of micro, volatile under atmospheric pressure, nature is not stable. Restricted by the current processing technology level, the tea aroma in tea beverage manufacturing process will have a large number of evaporation loss and heat transformed, the distortion of weak tea drinks are widespread aroma or flavor. Most tea beverage has to by adding flavor to make up for the problem of insufficient aroma, tea drink cause lack of the original tea fragrance, not pure tea aroma characteristics into full play. The cause of weak tea aroma, on the one hand, is a manufacturer more cheap tea as raw material, poor quality of aroma; On the other hand is the tea aroma components to heat is not stable, easy to heat oxidation degradation, produce bad smell. Tianyi extraction through improved extraction technology can solve the problem of perfume,
1. 3 ultrasonic application in the production of instant tea
in the process of instant tea production, the first essential step is to pick up the valuable solid composition in tea. Traditional method is to put the tea l00 ℃ high temperature of extraction, for 15 min, by spray drying of pure tea juice to remove the moisture, in order to obtain extract. This leads to a large number of volatile aromatic substances, and transform the specific flavor of the tea. If using solvent extraction technology, can make the purification rate of raw materials increased by about 20%. Solvent extraction technique not only is better than conventional heating effect, and time-consuming shorter, 10 minutes to most of the substances extracted
1. 4 ultrasonic applications in tea polyphenols extract
traditional solvent extraction of weakness is easy to cause in the process of extraction of tea polyphenols oxidation loss, decreased recovery, deepen color products, and mostly focus on catechin separation, less research on tea polyphenols extraction. Tianyi extraction using. cwl - M type centrifugal extraction of tea polyphenols extraction machine has the advantages of small recovery rate is high, the oxidation loss.
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