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Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method and treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
As the pharmaceutical engineering in the stage of life development, environmental problems are still with the pharmaceutical industry of many enterprises. In recent years, because of the pharmaceutical enterprise environmental protection is not up to standard have led to the shutdown, even the environment is polluted because of corporate wrongdoing pollution incidents have been reported. This paper mainly introduces, centrifugal extraction machine in the pharmaceutical industry wastewater treatment process.
in the pharmaceutical industry pollution control profile
in recent years, the domestic pharmaceutical industry to control wastewater pollution and in exploration for wastewater pollution control technology and pollution control engineering upgrades invested a lot of manpower and financial resources. After unremitting efforts, pollution reduction has made great achievements, and gradually formed a group of similar characteristics of water pollution treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater for proprietary technology and integration technology. In spite of this, the status quo of emission of pollutants from the current firm, still only a handful of active pharmaceutical ingredients of pharmaceutical companies and most of the conventional preparations, biological engineering, class, and traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise's total PaiKou wastewater can meet the requirements of the new 'standard' emission limit value directly.

the cause of pharmaceutical wastewater is difficult to governance the pharmaceutical industry pollution control is difficult, the reason is that: first, the pharmaceutical industry product variety, variety and complex production process; Second, in the process of pharmaceutical production, raw material inputs, output ratio is small, most of the material become waste, and thus lead to the pollution problem is outstanding. Especially in the production of pharmaceutical wastewater, pollutant concentration is high, the large water volume, complex components. Source

the drug class wastewater purification of Chinese medicine products in the process of production and purification are inseparable from the water. Proprietary Chinese medicine production process of soaking, washing, cooking, cooking, extraction, evaporation concentration, centrifugal filter, slag, drying section need to be on the carrier of water.
the drug class wastewater characteristics
in Chinese medicine pharmaceutical wastewater contains various natural organic matter, its main ingredients to sugars, organic acids, glycosides, anthraquinone, lignin, alkaloids, but rather, tannin, protein, starch and its hydrolysate etc. Many biological pharmaceutical wastewater containing refractory ring compounds, heterocyclic compounds, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine, phenol and unsaturated fat compounds. These material removal or conversion is an important approach to pharmaceutical wastewater COD removal. Chinese traditional medicine wastewater main pollutants of high concentration organic wastewater pollution, for Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry, due to the different varieties of drugs in drug production process and production process, the effluent water quality and water have very big difference, and because the product replacement cycle is short, as the product replacement, effluent water quality, water often volatile, unstable. Another feature of Chinese traditional medicine wastewater is high concentration of organic pollutants, suspended solids, especially the proportion of lignin is lighter, difficult to precipitation of high organic matter content, high chromaticity, the wastewater could be better biological sex, more for intermittent emissions, waste water composition is complicated, the water quality of water change is bigger.
centrifugal extraction machine process and pharmaceutical wastewater containing phenol
Chinese medicine pharmaceutical production process of high concentration treatment of wastewater containing phenol looks be like simple, actually has a certain complexity. Because in addition to containing high concentrations of phenol in waste water, also contains a lot of other substances. So when processing must be combined with the performance of each material, targeted treatment. Use. cwl - Removing phenol, M type centrifugal extraction machine has the equipment is small in size, the characteristics of high efficiency, low dosage of extraction agent, can save a lot of the cost of extracting agent, removing phenol rate above 98%.
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