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Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method and treatment of urban sewage in the oily wastewater

by:Deyuan      2020-08-23
As we constantly improve the quality of life demands, city oily sewage treatment is facing a serious problem, the city of oily wastewater treatment as soon as used on the extraction solvent extraction combined with centrifugal extraction machine processing oily water of life. Have very good effect on water treatment.
general oily water centrifugal dehydration plant mainly has the following six parts:
1, the sludge feed system: by sludge cutting machine, sludge feed pump, electromagnetic flowmeter, valves, piping, etc;
2, flocculant batching system: from PT type dry powder automatic quantitative distribution device, the dilution water device, dosing screw pump, valve, pipe, etc. Can realize automatic feeding, dissolve, curing, storage, and dosing measurement process, the whole process without artificial operation, fully automatic mode.
3, the proportion of batching system: JY type mixing barrel, electric diaphragm pump, valve, pipe, etc. The system for oily sludge ( Scum) Dehydration equipment.
4, sludge dewatering machine ( Lie down the spiral centrifuge with large length to diameter ratio) :LW - 250年,LW - 350年,LW - 430年,LW - 450年,LW - 500年,LW - 550
5, dehydrated sludge conveyor system ( Shaftless screw conveyor) : the WLS series of shaftless spiral design can effectively prevent the blockage of mud cake and winding, are widely used in centrifugal sludge dewatering treatment sludge after delivery.
6, electronic control system ( PLC + LCD screen automatic control, dynamic picture display) : by the horizontal screw host, feed pump, dosing pump, dilution water pump, PLC control and relevant electrical components of control box and LCD touch screen. Centrifugal extraction machine

the oily wastewater disposal oil-water separation is mainly according to the density difference of water and oil or chemical properties, by using the theory of gravity settling or other physical and chemical reaction to remove impurities or complete separation of oil and water. The main methods are: gravity method, centrifugation, electric method, adsorption method, chemical method and evaporation method and air float, etc. Centrifugal extraction machine for common crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil and oil, etc. In addition to water, desalination has obvious advantages.
oil-water separation is a process of negative entropy, energy must be added. At present the most commonly used gravity sedimentation pond and centrifugal equipment are using the density difference between oil and water to separate. Centrifugal extraction machine as a new type of extraction separation equipment, has a split phase material performance is good, capacity big, the equipment is compact, less auxiliary equipment, factory building covers an area of small advantages, has a broad market prospect. For gravity oil-water separator, has been widely used in the market, there are many types, but the drawback is low processing capacity, covers an area of large equipment.
centrifugal extraction machine using oil/water density is different, make the high-speed rotation of the oil-water mixture produces different centrifugal force, so that the oil and water separate. Due to centrifugal extraction machine can achieve very high speed, produce up to hundreds of acceleration of gravity centrifugal force, so the centrifugal extraction machine can more thoroughly the oil moisture left, and only a short residence time and smaller equipment volume. In recent years, with rapid development of science and technology, domestic centrifugal extraction machine equipment amplifier has received much against the validation and application, has very good market efficiency.
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