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Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method to extract gold from alkaline cyanide solution

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
At present, in the gold cyanidation is still dominant in the extraction of the industry. Technology of extracting gold from alkaline cyanide solution, the solvent extraction for energy saving, high efficiency, short production cycle, high selectivity, low cost, environment friendly, high extraction yield, etc, is better than that of zinc replacement method and the traditional gold, such as activated carbon adsorption process. Therefore, to find and optimization of a high extraction rate and good selectivity, and easy to reverse extraction system of extraction will has the very vital significance. Design at the same time improve the extraction process, the invention suitable cyanide leaching solution of low concentration of gold demand extraction equipment is the basis of the realization of solvent extraction technology industrialization.
days extraction for liquid liquid extraction need to use a lot of organic solvents, the problem of low concentration of cyanide leaching liquid cicc, a surfactant extraction and solid phase adsorption, the combination of these two technologies with macroporous adsorption resin is studied in solid phase extraction of gold from alkaline cyanide solution.
days use. cwl - extraction M type centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction method to extract gold from alkaline cyanide solution has the following advantages: first, the solvent extraction reaction speed, reactor size, short production cycle, the retention of gold quantity is little, production cost is low; Followed by solvent extraction technology of material liquid, wide adaptability, the cyanide solution from ore to renewable resources, including the heap leaching liquid liquid, mixing tank immersion, activated carbon, desorption, electroplating effluent and precious metals waste leachate are suitable for solvent extraction; Finally, solvent extraction has good selectivity, a realization of gold with most metals cyanide complex anion separation, shortens the refining process.
the real gold in the mine production, cyanide leaching to activated carbon adsorption, desorption, and electrolytic refining process or cyanide leaching and pulp washing, solid-liquid separation, clarification and expensive liquid degassing - dust replacement - gold refining process is still the mainstream of gold production process. Activated carbon adsorption and dust replacement of two kinds of extracting gold from cyanide your liquid process has poor selectivity, long and complex process, gold in long operation time, environment pollution, such as large equipment and infrastructure investment shortcomings. CWL - M type centrifugal extraction solvent extraction with extraction rate, separation effect is good, good selectivity and adaptability of material liquid, can the advantages of continuous operation, it has been successful in the field of the copper hydrometallurgy industrialization and application for many years, therefore, direct extraction of gold from cyanide solution process has good prospects for development.
    CWL- M type centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction method to extract gold from alkaline cyanide solution features:
(1) to adapt to the strong performance - — Compared with the traditional van and extraction tower equipment, under the effect of centrifugal force, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, to adapt to the wide range of flow ratio, and processing power; By changing the weir plate and frequency control of motor speed can meet the different density and viscosity of liquid materials;
2 material stock of small - — Two-phase material stock in the equipment is small, short contact time, more suitable for processing because of long time volatile activity and variability of materials such as antibiotics, etc. , of course, individual system needs two phase together contact time long also can operate separately.
(3) high extraction efficiency - — Phase equilibrium set up fast, easy to implement series single stage or multistage counter-current or wrong washing and extraction, high mass transfer efficiency and grade efficiency approaching 100%, stop not to undermine the established after concentration distribution at different levels, can at any time at all levels of sampling, facilitate testing.
(4) to take up the space is little, — Motor direct drive, no transmission attachments, compact structure, save area and operating space, less auxiliary equipment.
5] adaptable - — Not because of the change of the material influence extraction effect, can deal with small difference in density between the viscosity of the system, and has a strong ability of demulsification.
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