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Machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction research of industrial wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-31
Including production waste water and sewage, industrial wastewater is refers to the industrial wastewater and waste liquid generated in the production process, it contains with the water erosion is the industrial production of materials, intermediate products, by-products and production process of pollutants. The production process out of water.

the classification of industrial waste water by the industrial waste water contained in the classification of the chemical property of the main pollutants containing inorganic pollutants mainly inorganic wastewater, organic wastewater containing organic pollutants is given priority to, and a mixture of organic and inorganic wastewater, heavy metal waste water, waste water containing radioactive material and only heated water pollution. Such as electroplating wastewater and wastewater is inorganic mineral processing wastewater, food or oil processing wastewater is organic wastewater.
object according to the industrial enterprise of product and process can be divided into the paper making wastewater, textile wastewater, leather wastewater, pesticide wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, oil refining wastewater, etc.
the pollutants in waste water by can be divided into the primary components of acidic wastewater, alkaline wastewater, phenol wastewater and wastewater containing chromium, containing organic phosphorus wastewater and radioactive waste water, etc.

in industrial wastewater pollution of industrial waste water pollution is mainly caused by organic matter pollution, aerobic chemical toxicants, inorganic suspended solid pollution, heavy metal pollution, the pollution of acid, alkali pollution, plant nutrient pollution, thermal pollution, contaminated with the pathogen, etc. Many pollutants have color, smell, or the bubble, so the appearance of the industrial wastewater often make people dislike. All kinds of industrial wastewater pollution characteristics and the main pollutants in the wastewater is as follows.
industrial waste water in accordance with the quantities of the nature of the main pollutants, usually divided into inorganic wastewater, organic wastewater, and contain a mixture of organic and inorganic wastewater, heavy metal waste water, waste water containing radioactive material and only heated water pollution. Can be divided by industry wastewater, papermaking wastewater, leather wastewater, pesticide wastewater, electroplating wastewater, etc.

the characteristics of industrial wastewater effluent discharges of industrial wastewater is characteristic of water quality and water volume due to the difference of production technology and production methods and the difference is very big. Such as electric power, mining and other department mainly containing inorganic pollutants of wastewater, the papermaking waste water and food industries, the high concentration of organic matter, BOD5, The 5th biochemical oxygen demand) Often more than 2000 mg/l, 30000 mg/l. Even if the same production process, production process quality will have great changes, such as oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking, the same stage of different smelting furnace steel, wastewater pH between 4 ~ 13, suspended solids can change between 250-25000 mg/l. Another feature of industrial waste water is: in addition to the indirect cooling water, contain a variety of related to raw material, and in the form of existence in wastewater tends to vary, such as fluorine in glass industry wastewater and electroplating wastewater generally in hydrogen fluoride ( HF) Or fluorine ion ( F - ) In form and in phosphate fertilizer plant wastewater is a silicon tetrafluoride ( SiF4) The form of; Nickel in waste water in ion state or complexing state. These features increase the difficulties of waste water purification.
the amount of water in industrial wastewater depends on the water. Metallurgy, papermaking, petrochemical, electric power and other industrial water use, wastewater quantity is big, if some steel mills 1 tonne of steel smelting wastewater from 200 ~ 250 tons. But the factory's actual discharge of wastewater quantity is related to the water cycle utilization rate. High cycle rate of steel, for example, 1 tonne of steel smelting waste quantity is only 2 tons.

in industrial wastewater treatment principles, selection of priority nontoxic production process instead of 1 or reform backward production technology, in the process of production as soon as possible to eliminate or reduce the generation of poisonous and harmful waste water.
2, in the use of toxic materials, and produce toxic substances and products in the process, should be strictly operation and supervision, eliminate dripping, reduce loss, adopting reasonable process and equipment as much as possible.
3, contains poisonous wastewater, such as contain some heavy metals, radioactive substances, high concentration of phenol and cyanide wastewater should be with the rest of the waste water diversion, so that treatment and recovery of useful substances.
4, flow is larger and lighter wastewater pollution, should be dealt with by the appropriate recycling, should not be discharged into the sewer, lest increase urban sewers and urban sewage treatment load.
5, similar to organic wastewater treatment of urban sewage, such as food processing wastewater, sugar refinery wastewater, papermaking wastewater, sewage can be discharged into the system for processing.
6, some can biodegradation of toxic waste, such as, phenol and cyanide wastewater should be treated after discharged into urban sewage by promised emissions standard, further biochemical treatment.
7, containing hard biodegradation of toxic waste, should be treated separately, shall not be discharged into urban sewage. The development trend of industrial waste water treatment is to put the waste water and pollutants as a useful resource for recycling or closed cycle. Extract the. cwl -
days M type centrifugal extraction machine solvent extraction processing of industrial wastewater has made significant effect.
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