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Malic acid with solvent extraction equipment/complexation extraction process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-06
Malic acid is also known as hydroxyl succinic acid. Edible class excellent acidity of malic acid is mainly used as food additive agent, its solubility in water, with soft sour, unique flavor. Non-edible class malic acid is widely used in daily chemical industry, textile industry, is also the basic materials of organic synthesis.

a, malic acid extraction of complexation extraction solvent which good?

solvent extraction is an important way to extract the malic acid. According to the structural analysis of malic acid using physical extraction solvent, and should adopt complexation extraction solvent for extraction.

malic acid extraction can be used in strong Lewis base class extractant teb and alkaline stronger oxygen trialkyl phosphine ( TR - PO) , three octyl amine ( TOA) 。

the experimental data showed that 30% TRPO has the largest extraction distribution coefficient. Compared with the TBP, this is because the molecules of the TRPO alkyl alkoxy teb molecules were replaced completely and P atoms are linked together, thus enhanced the P - — O on the ability of oxygen to provide lone pair electrons, and shows the more alkaline.

2, TOA three octyl amine as how to improve the effect of extraction solvent?

according to the theoretical analysis of TOA also should have a higher extraction distribution coefficient, and the actual experimental results of the distribution coefficient is low, the reason is because of amine extractant itself to the extraction of compound dissolving ability is limited, and affected the malic acid extraction, then should consider adopting more suitable diluent or cosolvent. Research scholars, for example, adopt three octyl amine extracted from glucose distillation waste recycling in a 1 - malic acid Octanol as diluent is obtained very good extraction effect, when extraction is 0. 5, and three octyl amine concentration of 0. 6 mol/L, the malic acid extraction rate can reach 92%.

3, extraction temperature, thinner malic acid extraction equilibrium have important influence on the

in addition, also the impact on the extraction equilibrium temperature, therefore, also can use temperature regulation for malic acid extraction recovery.

in the meantime, thinner, the influence of acid extraction equilibrium is also significant for apple, under the condition of different diluents, its extraction sequence related to the concentration of the water phase malic acid. When the equilibrium concentration is low, the thinner, the amount of extraction of protons is greater than the general diluent polarity, and octyl alcohol> chloroform> MIBK. While when malic acid balance concentration is higher, for MIBK>> octyl alcohol chloroform.

4, malic acid extraction equipment - — Centrifugal extractor

the domestic first-class mixing and separation of experts - — Zhengzhou days extraction company, over the years to focus on research and application of liquid-liquid extraction and malic acid has abundant extraction practice and experience, its. cwl - M new centrifugal extraction machine is the fourth generation of its products with independent intellectual products, completely suitable for solvent extraction process application of malic acid, with high extraction efficiency, lover, large capacity, corrosion resistance, low energy consumption, etc. More technical details, please consult the online customer service!
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