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Market tensions ease, aluminium range

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
“ The federal reserve agency & throughout; Hint: a weaker dollar, raising interest rates is likely to come, market tensions eased. Cut prices expected, at the same time, involved in the EIA report expected increase in the crude oil output, oil prices fell, metal extraction solution under pressure. Shanghai aluminum main MACD by Yin and Yang, but the momentum is insufficient, still above have resistance, aluminum fluctuates around the cloth forest rail, brin channel flattening, expected short-term price range.

LME3 on aluminum fluctuated violently, opening at $1643, in early fall downward, afternoon contact under the lowest price $1634, after rebounds, night once lift turn red to top $1646, after a short line diving, late rebound, finally closed at $1644, down $1, or 0. 06%. Holdings less 4581 to 76. 10000 hand, and the volume of 5643 hands. Shanghai aluminum main 1610 contract sideways, overnight open to 12310 yuan, up 20 yuan, after opening, a brief boost to the highest price of 12345 yuan, continue to fall, after the dish in the bottom of the lowest price of 12295 yuan, then rose again, closed at 12330 yuan, from the previous trading day unchanged.

Shanghai metal extraction solution yesterday trading center spot aluminum quotation in 12260 - in the morning 12700 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 40 yuan/tons, in b105 - liter discount B145, small step back. Shanghai metal trading center spot extraction solution aluminum index in 12677. 45 points, the previous trading day down 40 points. Clinch a deal the overall general yesterday, the shipper of positive shipment, but pretty price will is stronger, quotation on average, prices remain high, east hope in circulation is less, so the quotation in the average price + 10 yuan/tons, long-short stalemate, traders more than wait to pick up the goods will generally, downstream enterprises expect prices drop, maintain a cautious attitude.
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