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Metal powder wet solvent extraction of nickel and cobalt operation process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-02
Metal powder is the relatively small size of metal particles, usually after reduction, pyrolysis, electrolysis and transformation. Metal powder contains metallic sort is more, at the same time, each has a high metal content. Extracted from metal powder and metallic elements such as nickel and cobalt chromium, is one of the customer the demand.

from the method of extracting nickel and cobalt chromium metal powder:

the more commonly used is hydrometallurgy, wet extraction and metallic elements such as nickel and cobalt chromium had a very good advantage, small pollution to the environment, waste of resources. Material turnover compared with those of pyrometallurgy is simpler, the valuable metal material high comprehensive recovery degree, is beneficial to environmental protection, and easier to realize continuous production process and automation.

hydrometallurgy process mainly has four steps:
1, the solvent will be raw materials into useful ingredients in solution, the leaching.
2, leach solution and residue separation, at the same time will be entrained in residue solvent in metallurgy and metal ions.
3, enrichment and purification of leach solution and ion exchange and solvent extraction technology or other commonly used chemical precipitation method.
4, or compounds extracted from purifying liquid metal.

from the extraction technology of nickel and cobalt chromium metal powder equipment:
machine using centrifugal extraction to extract the metallic elements such as nickel and cobalt chromium, two phase in the equipment within the contact time is shorter, the mass transfer speed quickly element to be extracted, slow mass transfer basic by extraction, it realized the separation of the two elements. As nickel and cobalt is belong to the nature of the comparison of similar elements, so the traditional extraction tank and tower equipment, it is difficult to drop their separate or is difficult to completely separate. And centrifugal extraction machine is in high speed under the action of centrifugal force to separate two elements, efficiency can reach above 90%.

the hydrometallurgy process is relatively complicated, so not all enterprises have the craft and technology. Therefore, when choosing equipment and technology or need brand comparison.
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