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mgx delivers update on commercial deployment of its wastewater treatment and lithium extraction systems

by:Deyuan      2020-12-07
MGX mining company today
Provides an Update on the deployment of its wastewater treatment and lithium extraction systems in Alberta, a stronghold of the Canadian oil and gas industry.
Clearly and briefly, the company reports the status of the two systems.
The most important thing is
The \"scale test\" and \"customer acceptance test\" of the first system have been successfully completed.
Therefore, the deployment plan is-
On-site preparations for the installation of this system have been completed.
\"Customer acceptance testing\" may be the most critical step in commercialism, as it demonstrates that the system works perfectly according to the expectations of the customer.
MGX and its engineering partner PurLucid treatment solutions
I am also pleased to report that the plumbing and metal manufacturers have arrived in two sea containers with a second wastewater treatment system.
The system is planned to be installed in an oil and gas company in Alberta for the treatment of vaporized sewage brine.
The system is able to treat high salinity wastewater generated by SAGD operation, and will remove colloidal and dissolved minerals to achieve a large amount of water reuse, reduce costs and reduce environmental responsibility.
These wastewater contain lithium in the range of 100ppm, providing a preliminary commercial platform for this widely used technology.
This is the second system built for this purpose.
In this case, reference to recent articles may have a comprehensive understanding of MGX\'s goal with its unique technology, and commercial deployment is ripe.
According to an article in mining.
Com, the surprising 80-North American oil and gas industry-
100 million barrels of salt water per day, in the United States and Canada alone, the wastewater treatment industry is worth $29 billion per year.
According to an article on BNN --
The tailings pool in Alberta covers an area of about 97 square miles and can accommodate 340 billion gallons of waste (
That\'s enough to fill more than half a million Olympic Games-
Pool size.
\"We believe that the technologies that exist today should be fully implemented, rather than waiting for silver bombs and continuing to be tested in the lab,\" said Jodi McNeill, a policy analyst at the Pembina Institute, an energy researcher in Calgary. Oil-
The company objected to their suggestion that they would hold back.
A spokesman, Sneh Seetal, said Suncor was dealing with the clean-up work urgently and putting \"a lot of resources and capital\" into it \".
In an interview with BNN
Bloomberg, founder and CEO of Preston McEachern, said that if jurisdictions such as Alberta strengthen cleaning,
This will prompt oil and gas producers and other industrial companies to treat waste water to higher standards and recycle it, not just to mine fresh supplies.
PurLucid water treatment technology for purifying wastewater and brine is combined with the newly developed lithium recovery process.
Compared with traditional solar evaporation, this cleaning technology process reduces the cost of capital recovered because it does not need to be in large, multi-
Phase, the lake is large and small, lined with evaporation pools, greatly reducing the physical footprint and improving what was previously considered to be the United Nations
Due to the complexity or geographical location outside the proper area of Sun evaporation, it can be processed.
This includes oil and natural gas wastewater, natural saline and other sources of brine such as lithium
Rich in mine and industrial wastewater.
The technology was recently selected as the winner of the foundation and special metal Industry Leadership Award for the 2018 S & P Global Metals Awards held in London earlier this month (
See press release of May 18, 2018).
The annual award program, hosted by Standard & Poor\'s Global Platts, the world\'s leading provider of energy, metals and commodity information, recognizes exemplary performance across 15 categories across the steel, metal and mining complex. Updated Chart (15 min. delayed): XMG. CA -
MGX Minerals
MGX Minerals303 -
V6 c 2t1, 1080 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada Tel: 1 604 681 7735 Email: jared @ mgxminerals. comwww. mgxminerals.
Issued and outstanding shares: 122,655,926 chartcanada Symbol (CSE)
: Xmg Current Price: $0. 92 CAD (07/10/2018)
Market value: $0. 113 billion/WKN (Tradegate)
Current price: 1 mg/a12e3p. 603 EUR (07/10/2018)
Market value: 74 million euro report 63 \"MGX is drilling for solar grade silicon metal in BC\" report 62 \"MGX-
ZincNyx is now ready to start the commercial \"report 61\" MGX Minerals of battery systems for mass storage of energy raised $15, $5 through oversubscribed financing, to speed up the sneak preview of lithium and premium Big Oil: entering the big battery Business \"report 59\" MGX won the Industry Leadership Award of S & P global platform \"report 58\" 57 \"MGX announced that the power output has tripled zinc-
Air Fuel Cell Battery \"report 56\" MGX set a record date for its first dividend \"report 55, this is the final phase of the commercial deployment of the first ZincNyx energy storage plant to be deployed in New York City, and the second Petrolithium contract is already in the production of \"report 53\" MGX-
Highbury has almost completed the complete gasification of Petcoke, producing high
\"Report 52\" MGX will change the lithium landscape and congratulate you on \"Report 51\" with the partner of investment bank heavyweight summit head water!
MGX was nominated as the S & P Global Platts Metal Award \"report 50\" finalist, and MGX was serious about magnesium, engaged in the incubation of \"report 49\" MGX for magnesium metal range Research, to obtain and commercialize the cleaning technology for extracting lithium and aluminum from lithium pyroxene
\"Report 47\" high magnesium project in BC
High-end battery metal from dirty Petcoke \"report 46\" significant progress of several joint ventures in MGX Minerals \"report 45\" MGX partners broadcast \"report 44\" multiple in Chile on US TV the lithium project tested the rapid lithium extraction technology of MGX \"report 43\" global lithium dominance?
MGX doubled the performance of the lithium extraction filter \"report 42\" MGX tail wind score to become a leader in the New Energy Economy \"report 41\" MGX got bigger and developed utilities
The scale battery storage system \"report 40\" is positioned to profit from the transition to the New Energy Economy \"report 39\" MGX assembled the dream team \"report 38\" MGX for the California Lithium strategy: the next green energy giant \"report 37\" MGX cooperates with Highbury energy to make petroleum coke cleaner \"report 36\" technological breakthrough in the large-scale energy storage industry \"report 35\" Eureka!
MGX started the development of the silica project after the acquisition of large-scale storage battery technology \"report 34.
The scale integrated oil and lithium project developed \"report 33\" in Tesla and Co: MGX obtained a large amount of storage battery technology from Teck Resources \"report 32, the report is supported by private and institutional heavyweights: MGX receives cash for lithium extraction and exploration
\"Report 30\" of the Commission\'s first rapid lithium extraction system\"Ret. )
Leading the California lithium salt water strategy \"report 29\" MGX targets the geothermal market for lithium and gold mining \"the Canadian government supports the Petrolithium clean tech\" Report 26 \"MGX Minerals for MGX miner to address the lithium industry the magnesium problem
MGX \"report 24\" is one of the largest initial oil estimates in the history of the United States \"report 23\" MGX launched the petroli pilot plant, providing a solid factual bet for strategic partners: sprott holds a position in Petrolithium, MGX Report No 21: first come first served \"report 20\" successfully independently verified MGX lithium extraction technology \"report 19\" MGX drilled the world\'s first PetroLithium well 67 to 1600 ppm lithium in Utah \"report\" MGX technology was nominated for the prestigious Katerva Award, the Nobel award for sustainable development \"report 16\" unconventional oil game legend Mark Bruna has taken MGX and PetroLithium to a new level \"report 15\"
Report 14: \"MGX extraction of lithium from oil wastewater-
Start large-scale integration with big oil \"report 13\" MGX partners to develop lithium brine in cooperation with oil professionals, and the new energy industry faces a fundamental transformation of the \"report 12\" game change potential: the pilot plant for the rapid production of lithium by MGXBritish is close to completing the \"report 11\" MGX Analysis 34 g/t gold, with surface sampling from BC \"report 10\" multiple
Billions of dollars, and launched the pilot plant in the near \"report 9\", one of the world\'s largest lithium resources?
\"Report 8\" is ready to carry out important lithium salt water work in Alberta \"report 7\" stands at the forefront of Alberta\'s lithium salt water wealth \"report 6\" to develop lithium in Alberta: MGX Minerals team \"report 5\" it\'s time to put the lithium production process in place
Grade lithium resources \"report 3\" MGX Minerals obtain a mining lease for 20 years (
In BC! )
Disclaimer \"Report 2\" MGX Minerals accelerated production \"Report 1\" MGX Minerals plans to enter the magnesium market \": This report contains the following
Forward-looking information or forward-looking information
Look at the instructions (
Collective \"forward-
Find information \")
The scope of the applicable securities law. Forward-
Finding information is usually identified with \"Believe\", \"expectation\", \"expectation\", \"intention\", \"estimate\", \"potential\" and similar expressions, or those, in essence, it refers to future events.
Rock Research and MGX Minerals
Investors note that any forward
The search information provided here does not guarantee future results or performance, and the actual results may differ significantly from future results
Find information due to various factors.
Readers are referred to the public documentation of MGX in order to discuss these risk factors and their potential impacts more fully, which can be accessed through MGX\'s profile on SEDARsedar. com.
Please read the full disclaimer in the full study report in PDF format (here)
There are fundamental risks and conflicts of interest.
Author Stephan Bogner holds a permanent role in MGX Minerals Inc.
And pay a monthly hire from Zimtu Capital Corp.
The company also holds a permanent position in MGX Minerals Inc.
Please note that MGX Minerals Inc.
Not Zimtu capital.
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