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Mixer settler combined with traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the sage

by:Deyuan      2020-08-20
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the separation of sage extract method based on the stability of carnosic acid
experiment, this paper studies the three methods of the separation and purification of carnosic acid:
( 1) Half the preparation of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography to isolate carnosic acid of high purity.
  ( 2) Phosphate adsorption of silica gel column chromatography conditions as follows: the eluent: the ratio of ethyl acetate and n-hexane for 10, 90 ( v/v) ; Silica gel particle size is 200 - 300 mesh; Phosphate content: the ratio of phosphate and silica gel for 2:40 ( v / w) ; Diameter ratio is 1:10; The velocity of 6 ml/min; Load: the crude extract and the proportion of silica gel is 0. 2∶20( g/g) ; After purification get carnosic acid purity of 92%.
  ( 3) 2 - Cyano ethyl silane bonded stationary phase column chromatography conditions as follows: the atmospheric glass column as chromatographic column, rosemary extract, the quality of 0. 2 g, 20 g2 - Cyano ethyl silane stationary phase as the stationary phase, diameter ratio of 1:10, acetonitrile eluent with n-hexane ( v∶v∶3∶97) , velocity of 6 ml/min, after purification by carnosic acid purity of 93%,
half a preparation method of the separation effect is poor, the reason is high polarity aqueous eluent is difficult to maintain the stability of carnosic acid for long. Two other separation methods, based on the carnosic acid on properties of the more stable in acid and acetonitrile, with adsorption of silicone phosphate and 2 - respectively Cyano ethyl silane bonded stationary phase as chromatographic stationary phase, eluent is solvents of low polarity effectively by improving the environment of the chromatography silica gel and eluent to keep carnosic acid stability, achieved the carnosic acid composition out fast, time is short, the purpose of high content.
mixer settler as traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment to extract the characteristics of the sage
1. Because of the mixer settler out the mixing equipment, so can greatly reduce the power consumption of the mixer settler's, especially for large quantity, the energy saving advantage will be more prominent. In addition, this form of mixer settler and the superposition of mixer settler can be placed, so that you can save area.
2。 Internal structure is improved, very suitable for a variety of extraction process, and high efficiency, clarify the effect is good, less loss of organic phase extraction agent, makes the production efficiency and product quality had the very big enhancement.
3。 PP/PVC extraction equipment tub is made of high quality PP/PVC plastic. High quality PP/PVC plastic its physical performance stability, acid and alkali resistant performance is better, and can well adapt to the transformation of production technology, can change the structure or changes at any time in and out of the material liquid mouth, easy to alter plastic welding, flexibility is strong;
4。 High quality PP/PVC trough anti-aging longer generally can reach 15 - After 20 years, and scrap can be recycled, won't produce environmental pollution phenomenon, is the new generation of extraction equipment; Refs

QuHui. Gansu west sage extract antioxidant activity of the preliminary study [ J] 。 Journal of Qingdao agricultural university ( Natural science edition) , 2007, 24 ( 04) : 261 - 263 . doi: 10。 3969 / j。 石头。 1674 - 148X. 2007. 04. 006 .
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