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Mixer settler phenolic wastewater containing phenol in wastewater treatment

by:Deyuan      2020-08-22
The phenolic resin is mainly used in manufacturing all kinds of plastic, paint, adhesives and synthetic fibre etc, the phenolic resin in the rapid development of the development and research work. The production and use of phenolic resin can bring a certain degree of pollution to environment, serious impact on the ecological environment, however note or strengthen pollution, including wastewater treatment and recycling of waste phenolic resin product and its composites, phenolic resin can make the healthy and rapid development. This paper mainly introduces mixer settler phenolic resin production process containing phenol wastewater treatment process.
production phenolic wastewater treatment of
production of phenolic resin, rubber and other waste water produced by chemical process, not only the COD value is very high, and it contains a large amount of phenolic � � quality. Phenol is a high toxic substances, for cell protoplasmic material. Low concentrations of phenol can make protein denaturation, high concentration can make the protein precipitation. Phenol has direct damage to the various cells, has strong corrosion effect to the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, phenol has a very big impact on aquatic organisms. Low concentrations of phenol pollution water bodies, to influence the migration of the fish breeding; Concentration is high, can make the fish die. The use of phenol wastewater irrigation farmland, will lead to crops and even die. Due to the harm of waste water containing phenol is great, the study of this kind of wastewater treatment.
the water quality characteristics of phenolic resin wastewater

( 1) Organic matter is high concentrated wastewater, performance in high COD;

( 2) Strong acidic wastewater, and high phenol content, strong corrosion resistance;
( 3) A high content of phenol and formaldehyde, phenol and formaldehyde has a strong inhibitory effect on microorganism, wastewater biological sex difference;
( 4) Chemical properties of formaldehyde and phenol is lively, easy to be antioxidant oxidation decomposition. According to the water quality characteristics of wastewater, can consider to use solvent extraction wastewater treatment method. First used extractant for formaldehyde and phenol oxidation decomposition, open loop degradation, its oxidation as biological toxicity small, easily absorbed by the biological degradation of organic matter, and then further processing by the improved extraction method.
mixer settler
containing phenol wastewater treatment process of phenolic resin wastewater after mixer settler extraction separation, due to the waste water volume is small, so the wastewater can be fully completed in the mixer settler, mass transfer and separation, which is part of the phenolic resin can be effectively recovered.
due to the chemical nature of formaldehyde and phenol is lively, so using Fenton extraction agent will become the biological toxicity of formaldehyde and phenol oxidation small and easy to be absorbed by the biological degradation of organic matter, COD after oxidation can drop to less than 1000 mg/L. At the same time it also can make the macromolecular organic matter decomposition of refractory for easy degradation of small molecule organic matter, improve the wastewater can be biochemical, facilitate subsequent aerobic biochemical treatment. Coagulation treatment can remove the suspended substances in the water, using coagulation floc adsorption of dissolved organic matter, at the same time can be efficient removal chromaticity.
mixer settler processing note
wastewater containing phenol phenolic resin production process of high concentration treatment of wastewater containing phenol looks be like simple, actually has a certain complexity. Because in addition to containing high concentrations of phenol in waste water, also containing a small molecules of phenolic resin and other material such as formaldehyde. Because of phenol and formaldehyde is 'bian to inhibitor of microorganism, therefore shall, first of all, by means of condensation to eliminate, in order to improve the extractability of wastewater, and then USES the extraction processing make its emissions standard standard.
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