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Moody's said Britain will not be in a recession

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Moody's, a rating agency, 喜怒无常) Said recently that the UK economy will slow, but not a recession, while the rest of the world economy will stabilize.

in the referendum unexpectedly announced in June for withdrawal from the eu, the UK market plunge, then the stock price has fully recovered, however, economists believe that the influence of the referendum will not as huge as expected in the early part of the panic.

moody's believes that sterling lower will support the British economy growth, the British government would ease policy to boost GDP. It expects Britain's economic growth this year to 1. 5%, to 2017 to 1. 2%.

” The uncertainty of the future will continue to curb business investment and consumer spending, companies suspended recruitment and long-term investment, and large consumers postpone spending decisions. ” Moody's, a senior analyst at MadhaviBokil said.

” Sterling fell, however, can in the short term by boosting exports to modify some negative effect. Some of our growth expectations will support the economy loosen fiscal policy and monetary policy into account. ”

moody's expected at the same time does not produce a sharp drop in house prices and consumption.

for the euro zone, analysts expect back the referendum will only limited influence on its economy, and its growth rate will basic synchronization with the British, reaches 1 this year. In 2017 and 5% is down to 1. 3%.

for the global economy, moody's analysts believe that China's economic optimistic prospects and commodity prices rebound will make it stable.

moody's will of China's GDP growth forecast for this year's 6. 6 6% and next year. 3%. Other G20 for this year's four emerging markets. 4% and 5% next year.

the place on put together is narrated, moody's believes in the global economy on the back after the referendum of volatility will remain stable, however, will not appear boom. Bokil think it with & other; Lower trade growth, low investment and slow the capacity of income throughout the &; Related.

” We concern about the current environment is their lack of financial cushion, lack of effective monetary policy at the same time, this makes many economies of regulators to cope with future systemic impact support economic ability is limited and special events. ” Mentioned to her many increased government borrowing and spending of the space is little, the central bank has cut interest rates for a long time.

moody's also points out that the market is facing many risks. Such as the United States may have to raise interest rates, though it showed the country's confidence in its own economic, but moody's fear that this will make global assets such as stocks, bonds and currency value be cut. Emerging markets will be facing funding for local currency against the dollar devaluation through to repay in dollar terms of debt risk back into the United States.

in addition, the eu may further disintegration, the American presidential election are also market facing the huge risk.

” Political and geopolitical risks as nationalists and protectionist pressure and ascend. ”

” One of the most recent risk including the current U. S. presidential election. ” To this, moody's did not mention the Donald & middot; Trump ( DonaldTrump) The candidate status. But financial markets panic is upgrade of the last election.
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