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Multi-stage countercurrent extraction to improve the traditional Chinese medicine extraction process to reduce energy consumption

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
High efficient centrifugal extraction machine multi-stage countercurrent extraction to improve the necessity and feasibility of traditional Chinese medicine extraction process, energy saving transformation of proprietary Chinese medicine production line, has a certain guiding significance.
proprietary Chinese medicine oral liquid, syrup, granule, and the other preparation need Chinese medicine extract as raw materials, in the process of production, are inseparable from the two process extraction and enrichment. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction process with secondary cross-flow extraction, extraction agent dosage, energy consumption, in an increasingly tense energy lines today, how to improve Chinese traditional medicine extraction process, lower energy consumption. Has the extremely important practical significance.
Chinese medicine extraction, also known as extraction. The traditional extraction method is with atmospheric exposure pan or single pluripotent extraction tank pressure secondary cross-flow extraction. Department of cross-flow extraction and extraction agent ( Water or organic solvent) Two to join. Every time add the amount of extraction solvent about 6 ~ 8 times that of medicinal materials quality, sometimes even to 9 ~ 10 times higher. Two combined dosage is about the quality of medicinal materials 12 ~ 2 0 times. As extraction agent, the extract concentration is low, thus increasing the amount of extraction, enrichment process solution processing. Cause a large amount of waste energy.
in the secondary cross-flow extraction, the extraction process of extracted liquid of solute concentration increasing, medicinal herbs, decrease of solute concentration within the concentration difference between the two, namely, mass transfer driving force falling until tends to zero. Then basic medicines within the solute concentration is equal to extract the solute concentration, balance process. Extracting agent dosage is less, the equilibrium concentration is higher, the more effective ingredients not leaching in medicine, medicinal material utilization ratio will be low. Therefore have to increase extraction agent to improve the utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine, this is the second in the cross-flow extraction, the reasons of the extraction agent.
I currently widely adopted to is still using the traditional process of cross-flow extraction, energy waste, extraction solvent. Although some products production is very big, but thanks to the backward traditional cooking method. High results evaporator, power supplies, and seriously affect the development of enterprise management and production. Will be changed to cross-flow extraction and multi-stage counter-current extraction is an important approach to solving this problem.
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