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My company to carry out the EHS knowledge contest in 2018

by:Deyuan      2020-07-31
'Life first security development' theme is the national production safety 17 months activity, through the 'safe production month' dongfeng, on June 20 to 22, my company Labour union, organized EHS department held a EHS knowledge competition in 2018. Through the request for the test form, the race of covering the national production safety laws and regulations, labor protection, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and so on various knowledge, comprehensive, highly targeted. The company's 176 employees to participate in the competition. Before the exam, EHS department study materials issued to each department, each department actively organize employees to learn; During the test, the test order, the supervisor is responsible earnestly, reference staff seriously, careful answer; After the test, the company trade union organization related personnel carefully reading score, score the results are as follows: the first, second Deng Ruixue: Yu Li yan, FanGang 3: Yang, LuXiaoLing, hong-ying wang through this competition, formed the good learning atmosphere, further strengthen the employees' safety knowledge at the same time, strengthen the employee safety consciousness, safety in production for the company continues to improve has played a positive role in promoting.
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