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N-hexane extraction organic reaction kettle transformation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Has a customer consultation with n-hexane extraction DCM DCM polymers in aqueous solution, before the customer is using ceramic reaction kettle, mainly for chemical extraction, processing 6 tons a day, but a series of problems, want to undertake technological upgrading, specific problems are as follows:

1, the reaction kettle operation process is more complex, requiring multiple extraction

2, reaction kettle in the process of extraction, extraction efficiency is low, entrainment quantity larger

3, equipment, material is qualitative easy to corrode, increases the maintenance costs

the customer according to the present situation, request, hope by centrifugal extraction machine operation, not metal equipment, hope chemical composition can be extracted completely.

according to customer's specific requirements, I'll bring it advises clients will feed liquid, choose CWL50 - my company r &d and production M experiment experimental extraction machine operation, the experiments show that the chemical components of centrifugal extraction machine of extraction effect is very significant, extraction rate and meet customer requirements, so customers chose to let me pause type centrifugal extraction scheme for its industrialization, and has carried on the reaction kettle formal technological upgrading, through technical renovation, the current industrial centrifugal extraction machine running stable in customer plant.

customers willing to reaction kettle technological upgrading, and select the centrifugal extraction machine, is due to centrifugal extraction machine that cannot replace advantages:

1, centrifugal extraction machine rely on centrifugal separation of mixed, so the material liquid mixing short separation time, high extraction efficiency

2, centrifugal extraction machine adopts hanging structure, save the maintenance cost, more capacity at the same time, more energy efficient

3, equipment, material can choose perfluorinated polymeric materials, resistant to strong acid corrosion

our company has been adhering to the customer is responsible for the idea, before the solution for the customer designated industrial equipment, for customers to experiment, the experimental data standard after industrialized operation scheme in detail, all-round for customers to solve technical problems, contact details can be days of zhengzhou extraction, we will provide technical support for you!
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