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Naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater treatment/extraction project using custom centrifugal extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
A, complexation extraction process of naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater with high efficiency, good benefits

naphthalene sulfonic acid series products are medical, biology, dye and other important fine chemical products. But naphthalene sulfonic acid series product produced in a large amount of waste liquid. The liquid waste, high COD, high colority, strong acid and hard biodegradation.

extraction method has a variety of naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater, which complexation extraction with high extraction efficiency, extraction effect is good, low cost, high production efficiency, to win the favour of many chemical, pharmaceutical, dye enterprises, after the extraction of regeneration extractant can be repeatedly used for many times without affecting the extraction effect.

zhengzhou extraction using amine extraction agent and system composed of kerosene as complexing extraction agent, high concentrations of naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater in the extraction rate can reach more than 99%, after processing wastewater becomes clear and transparent, fully meet the national sewage discharge standards, can also be used as a workshop at the bottom of the water again.

and, after the extraction recovery of naphthalene sulfonic acid can replace raw materials used, quality can meet the normal production standards.

2, extraction naphthalene sulfonic acid type of organic wastewater treatment process

3, extraction naphthalene sulfonic acid type of organic wastewater treatment case on

the background of the project: a chemical plant to emissions of naphthalene sulfonic acid type organic wastewater processing, most of the wastewater concentration is higher, toxicity, colour and lustre is deep and complicated composition, the harm of human body and environment are more serious. Because the stable structure, organic matter in waste water using general oxidation method and biochemical method is difficult to remove the impurity in the water, while using centrifugal extraction method can achieve good treatment effect.

: unit construction of zhengzhou extraction

extraction craft: centrifugal extraction

extraction agent, the experiment of amine extraction agent and kerosene system as complexing extraction agent

extraction experiment results: under certain experimental conditions, the use of CWL50 - M type centrifugal extraction machine was carried out on the material liquid centrifugal extraction. According to the results in the wastewater COD removal rate as high as 96%; Then, with a 20% alkali solution as extraction agent to reverse extraction of loaded organic phase, found that after the extraction of regenerative extraction agent can be repeatedly used to many times and will not affect the extraction effect.

3, zhengzhou extraction centrifugal extraction machine naphthalene sulfonic acid waste water extraction equipment is why?

new centrifugal extraction machine compared with the traditional centrifugal extraction machine have the characteristics of the main ( CWL650 - M type as an example) :

1, low power consumption: traditional type 650 centrifuge motor power for 37. 0 kw, in guarantee under the premise of extraction rate and the separation effect, new CWL650 - M type centrifugal extraction machine motor is 4 kw power, power consumption is about 1/10 of the traditional models.

2, no vulnerable parts: new centrifugal extraction machine adopts hanging structure, cancel the machine seal at the bottom of the traditional models, so as to thoroughly solve the traditional models, leakage at the bottom of the machine, the seal;

3, simple structure, stable: at the beginning of the new type of centrifugal extraction machine from the design of the body is simplified, make the operation more simple, run more smoothly.

4, weir plate replacement: the new type of centrifugal extraction can realize fast replacement of heavy phase weir plate.

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