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New technology of plant extracts extraction coumarin

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
New technology of plant extract extraction coumarin
accelerated solvent extraction method is developed in recent years, the new extraction technology. Functional ingredients extracted from herbs, accelerated solvent extraction is a kind of 'green' technology, high temperature ( Room temperature 200 ℃ high pressure (
using accelerated solvent extraction method from bergamot extract coumarin, only 5 min if you get different domain pavilion, domain if six coumarin materials such as kiosks, average recovery in 95. 1%, 104. 9%. Such as Wu Mou extract the active substances in the common cnidium fruit, on the basis of the experiment using the same extraction solvent ( 95% ethanol) And the same material liquid ratio ( 1) , the traditional solvent extraction in 60 ℃ cost 2 h got coumarin 23. 02 mg/g; The accelerated solvent extraction method under 122 ℃ coumarin 27 just need 5 min. 02 mg/g。 Accelerated solvent extraction method has been applied in food, pharmaceutical analysis, and other fields, has good prospects for development.

other extraction method dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (
of course, the extraction of plant � � bean element compounds by impurities, the influence of many factors such as temperature, an extraction method has limitations, and a variety of methods can take people to repair short, more efficient to extract the target material, it will be a trend of extraction of natural active substances in the future. Ultrasound was used for the first time in a microwave extraction technology to extract NiuFen leaf phenolics, extraction time is greatly reduced, found that the extraction efficiency is greatly increased. Later, the team studied ionic liquid a ultrasonic microwave assisted extraction, the results of this method is higher than UMAE extraction yield, but compared with the traditional heating reflux extraction, 8% ~ 17% higher extraction yield, time from 5 h shortened to 30 s. Reported by supercritical fluid extraction, solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction and supercritical fluid in a liquid-liquid extraction method to extract angelica dahurica four coumarin, experiment results show that supercritical fluid a liquid-liquid extraction selectivity and high separation efficiency, the concentration of coumarin from 0. 144% is far to 41. 68%. Extract the active substances in the wood DouYe, first compare the ionic liquids and microwave extraction respectively, heating extraction and ultrasonic extraction combined extraction, ionic liquid, a microwave assisted extraction to finish, in 25 min extraction efficiency for 11. 0% ~ 38. 9%.
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