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Nickel review: China's economic data today nickel or rise in vibration

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Global equity markets improve market sentiment, overnight nickel closed up $85, China's first quarter GDP figures released on Friday, the market is generally good, nickel is expected today Shanghai situation stabilized, nickel or with higher now.

the futures market: China's economic data boosted the price of the metal, nickel London higher, late rose $85, the latest closing price of $8950, or 0. 96%; Today Shanghai nickel rose slightly, 1609 contract main month opening price of 70800 yuan, up 460 yuan, nickel 09:20 Shanghai 1609 contracts to 71050 yuan, up 710 yuan. Nickel market as a whole atmosphere warming, is expected today Shanghai strong direction.

London metal exchange ( LME) 13, Aaron ni latest inventory of 428712 metric tons, 72 metric tons more than the previous session.

is expected: global equity markets, commodity markets recover, integral atmosphere metal prices get a boost, and the recent Chinese economic data released by the positive market of China in the first quarter GDP data due on Friday expected to more optimistic, is expected to rise in spot nickel today.

【 Nickel information 】 Stainless steel automatic punching machine manufacturing market in 2015 for the first time changes, China's largest production base for the pearl river delta region, the mechanical manufacturing industry is located in foshan city, guangdong, a dramatic change due to the market this year, used for stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc steel pipe punching products machinery market ups and downs, a lot of stainless steel punching vendors would shift to the machine, by the price changes to the machine quality, lead to manual equipment is obsolete, the bottom of the manual production efficiency has not meet the demand of customer production, now many factories or wholesalers to choose free help customers processing punching way to marketing, customer retention.
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