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Nickel review: Indonesia don't relax nickel ore export prices higher vibration

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 In late night Aaron nickel shock strength, closed up 1. 34%; Indonesia won't loosen nickel ore export bans, the concerns of the global supply shortage or heating up again, now is the Shanghai nickel to maintain a strong, spot nickel material to go up.

the futures market: Indonesia is for the discussion of the mining regulations revision but mining minister said yesterday, Indonesia & quot; Almost certainly & quot; Won't loosen nickel and bauxite ore export bans, message to boost prices, night Aaron nickel concussion higher, with close to 10580 dollars rose $140, up to 1. 34%; Volume 4807 hand cut 1517 hands, holdings 261197 hand cut 2243 hands. Shanghai nickel on main 1701 contract today opening price 82760 yuan rise 320 yuan, nickel 1701 09:30 Shanghai contract rose to 82670 yuan, 230 yuan. By the Indonesian news, today's Shanghai nickel movements or strong.

London metal exchange ( LME) 12, Aaron ni latest inventory of 360540 metric tons, the previous trading day inventory to reduce 252 metric tons.

is expected: as the world's largest supplier of nickel ore, the Philippines, now has nearly 10 nickel mines are required to stop production, and another 20 nickel mines are still likely to close; At the same time, the Indonesian government in the short term recovery nickel exports of hope is frail, supported by the global supply shortage, nickel prices in the short term is expected to continue to go up, this is nickel.

【 Nickel information 】 The Philippines for examination and approval of mine has come to an end, besides has mandated that stop mining, other Suggestions pause, if not released by or revocation of miners, can production and rectification. Because of series of reasons such as politics, and the rainy season, mine is hard to shipment, to see the result after the rainy season next year. The Philippines ministry spot check again after a few times, if still not qualified, will be revoked.
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