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Nickel review: interest rate hike concerns come Shanghai again ni vulnerable to recover

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Aaron is to boost oil prices rebound, night nickel, dip rebounded ended up $25 for Friday's payroll data is generally good, hike concerns struck again, today Shanghai nickel shake off, is expected to spot nickel dipped.

the futures market: U. S. gasoline inventories fell more than expected, to offset the effects of the crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased, overnight oil prices jumped more than 3%, boosted by the rise in oil prices, late nickel dip rebounded, and ended up $25, the latest closing price to $10750; Today Shanghai low nickel, the opening price of 82300 yuan, 1608 contract fell 580 yuan per month, nickel 09:30 Shanghai 1608 contract fell 1040 yuan to 81840 yuan, a stronger dollar on metal prices, today Shanghai nickel or weak shock.

London metal exchange ( LME) 3, Aaron ni latest inventory of 372378 metric tons, less than the previous trading day 372 metric tons.

is expected: last night on July the ADP employment data released by the United States market better than expected on Friday to non-agricultural data is generally good, worry to raise interest rates again, $vibration strength, today's Shanghai nickel disadvantaged consolidation pressure, nickel spot today is expected to fall.

【 Nickel information 】 In the first half of 2016, tam nickel iron production 8304 tons of nickel, down 12% year on year. Sales of 8092 tons of nickel, down 28% year on year. Production of the second quarter 5086 tons of nickel, rose 3%, year-on-year increase of 17%. As of June 2016, Pomalaa nickel iron works construction progress to complete 99. 69%, is expected to be completed in 2016 will all, Antam nickel iron capacity from the current 18000 - Rising to 27000-20000 tons of nickel 30000 tons of nickel.
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