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Nickel review: the Philippines nickel ore supply concerns boost Aaron ni of record nearly a year

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Philippine presidential statement yesterday mining companies is not strictly abide by the environmental law to be closed, night Aaron nickel supported high and volatile rose 1% to nearly a year highs, the Philippines nickel ore supply concerns, this nickel or up now.

the futures market: yesterday the Philippines President statement mining companies strictly abide by the environmental law to be closed and no night nickel high and volatile, and closed up $105 to $10740, in nearly a year highs; Today Shanghai low nickel, first month opening price rose $82200 to $940, 1609 contracts 09:20 Shanghai nickel 1609 contracts to 81800 yuan, up 540 yuan. Today Shanghai nickel or strong shock.

London metal exchange ( LME) 1, Aaron ni latest inventory of 372954 metric tons, less than the previous trading day 120 metric tons.

: is expected to boost by the Philippines nickel ore supply concerns, Aaron nickel years or is close to 24%, but domestic record the inventory of the previous period, or means that the market demand is less than expected optimism, nickel continued upward momentum, but the short-term gains or have narrowed. Nickel spot up is expected today.

【 Nickel information 】 BHP billiton ( 必和必拓) Now plans to restart the west nickel industry ( Nickel West) Development plans, will give broader kalgoorlie ( 卡尔古利) Regional inject vitality again. After the decision, BHP will since the Perseverance of mineral deposits to Venus nickel mines continue to underground mining, will produce about 200000 tonnes of nickel metal. BHP has long been on the west the nickel industry ( Nickel West) 。 Early western plan to sell the nickel industry, but because Venus nickel project found that high and closing costs about $1 billion, in this case the west nickel industry continuing operations of the project. Venus mineral was found to be the middle of 2012, 7. 4 million tons of have found that the average content of 2. 6% of the nickel, nickel metal quantity is about 192000 tons. Because of nickel industry overall situation bad in the west and suspend Venus minerals development plan in 2014. “ There's little doubt that Venus mines occupies important position in the future, & throughout; BHP said. “ Restart development plan means we with the nation's largest high grade nickel ore deposits in only one step away, very happy to be able to find the rich nickel deposits can continue our nickel production lasts 2032 years. ”
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