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Nickel review: the Philippines production concerns ease prices above blocked

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 By the fall in the dollar support, in late night Aaron nickel lows closed up more than 1%; Slightly ease worries about the disappearance of the Philippines production caused by supply, short-term investors would like attitude, is expected today is nickel rises co. , LTD.

the futures market, the dollar's decline, nickel lows, and late late rose $105 closed at $10480, up by more than 1%, but the improving economic data as well as worries about Britain withdrew the aftershock slowdown prompted some investors believe that the fed could tighten monetary policy in September at the earliest. Shanghai nickel on main 1609 contract today opening price 80700 yuan up to 50 yuan, nickel 09:20 Shanghai futures at $1609 to $80270, down 380 yuan. Expectations of a stronger dollar index on metal, short-term nickel or under pressure.

London metal exchange ( LME) 25, Aaron ni latest inventory of 373608 metric tons, less than the previous trading day 1752 metric tons.

is expected: Philippine President to hunt down the country's mines after taking office, triggering market worries about global nickel ore supply reduce, and China has more than 95% of the nickel ore imports from the Philippines, tighten up the domestic supply end spot nickel prices have risen nearly 19% since June; The Philippines to clean up temporarily of small mines at present, the market for subsequent large mines will be viewed by rectification opinions differ, short-term tended to keep watching, waiting for the news further clear, Shanghai nickel or shock consolidation today, is expected to spot ni and co. , LTD.

【 Nickel information 】 Vale nickel production in the second quarter of 2016, 78500 tons of production rose 17% in the second quarter of 2015, compared with rose 6. 80%, mainly because of Canada (Thompson 汤普森) , Indonesia ( PTVI) And Brazil ( Onqa Puma) Outstanding business. Thompson ( 汤普森) In the second quarter production to 8100 tons, rose 30. 6%, rose 15. 7%. Indonesia ( PTVI) In the second quarter of 2016 PTVI nickel output of 20700 tons, rose 16. 54 3% year-on-year growth. 5%. Brazil ( Onqa Puma) In the second quarter of 2016 output of 6400 tons, rose 14. 3%, an increase of 8. 5%.
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