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Nickel review: weak market sentiment cautious nickel prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Expectations of summer as the fed raising interest rates, prices taking most of the gains in this week, commodities broadly confined, London nickel dropped nearly 1%, Shanghai nickel show weak, now is now nickel with fell slightly.

the futures market, the recent several fed officials are passed on June rate signal, as the summer the fed to raise interest rates expected to heat up, the oil price gains this week most of the gains, commodities broadly confined, London nickel fell $85, the latest closing price of $8565, or 0. 98%; Shanghai nickel low open today, the opening price of 66900 yuan, 1606 contract fell 410 yuan per month, nickel 09:20 Shanghai futures at $1606 to $67190, down 120 yuan. The federal reserve to raise interest rates expected effect, market sentiment, today Shanghai nickel or weak consolidation.

London metal exchange ( LME) 19 Aaron ni latest inventory of 405660 metric tons, 1482 metric tons more than the previous session.

is expected: night Shanghai nickel was weaker, but performance against fall, according to the market more than empty all careful operation, short-term positive insufficiency, clinch a deal the spot market is also limited, is expected to today's spot nickel fell slightly.

【 Nickel information 】 On May 20, foreign media messages, inco research organisation ( INSG) On Friday, march global market nickel supply gap is widened to 8200 tons last month, by China's surge in demand for a third. INSG in its latest monthly report, said in March the world nickel output of 164100 tons, less than 172300 tons, the consumption will be 2 month supply from 3600 tons to 5500 tons. INSG said last month and is expected to global nickel demand this year will be a little more than supply, the end of four years of oversupply situation. The group says the global nickel production material in 2016, 198 last year. 30000 tons dropped to 191. 30000 tons.
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