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Nitrobenzene production with principle of centrifugal extraction machine extraction reverse extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
The traditional process of nitrobenzene production is alkaline cleaning and washing, generally USES the reaction pot add separator. Nitrobenzene in production when nitrification process, after the nitration of material and waste acid phase after separation into organic compounds. Which can contain substances such as nitric acid, organic phase cause corrosion to equipment and the subsequent section, affect the normal operation, so the nitrobenzene in the process of production need to remove residual acid.

the operation of the traditional process is the acid nitration and just the right amount of dilute alkali after alkaline cleaning pot of them and the overflow to alkaline cleaning separator is layered, the upper of alkaline waste water, lower level of nitration. Nitrate content into the water pot washing, and then the overflow to the water separator is layered, for waste water at the top, bottom is neutral nitration, neutral nitrate content into the post-processing procedure.

compared with the traditional process, the current extraction technology research and development production of centrifugal extraction machine zhengzhou days in nitrobenzene production is better. Using centrifugal extraction with solvent extraction method can fast effective for two phase separation. Has the density difference of the two phase mixture into the centrifugal extraction machine, complete mixing and mass transfer process in the same machine and separation process.

centrifugal extraction machine is a new, rapid, efficient liquid-liquid extraction separation equipment. Extraction company launched. cwl - zhengzhou days M series centrifugal extraction machine with independent intellectual property rights of new equipment, patent number: ZL2014205865573, same processing conditions, the series of centrifugal extraction machine power consumption is only 10% ~ 30% of traditional ring gap model. Centrifugal extraction machine at the same time, the remaining time is short, split phase quickly, high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost and solvent recycling fee.

related extraction equipment figure:

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