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Occupational-disease-prevention facilities 'three simultaneity' construction projects of the public information table

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
Occupational-disease-prevention facilities 'three simultaneity' construction projects of the public information table project name kang PuHua chongqing changshou district in chongqing industrial co. , LTD. The project is the project nature avenue in 7 new mind reconstruction █ expansion and technical reformation mind technology introduction and project director Liu Yehong tel 13883540804 public information category occupational disease hazard pre-assessment mind occupational-disease-prevention facilities design and the control effect evaluation and acceptance █ occupational-disease-prevention facilities evaluation report unit or occupational-disease-prevention facilities design unit design and research institute of chongqing chemical contact and contact phone number x 13527376927 review (par Acceptance) Situation ( Include &appraisal acceptance time, host, acceptance, evaluation conclusion, the inspection and acceptance, etc. ) : be held on August 23, 2017, chongqing kang PuHua industrial co. , LTD. 5000 tons of metal extraction agent project ( The first stage) Occupational disease hazard control effect assessment report reviews. Company principal Li Chaoliang chaired the meeting, to review acceptance personnel are as follows: 1. The panel: Shang Qiang, Tang Bangfu, wang, Yang Fucheng, Liao Derong 2. Safety bureau: He Guang, zhi-gang dong 3. Evaluation units: Dong Lin, Chen Mingyan 4. Construction unit: Liu Yehong, ShiJie, zero Chou evaluation conclusion: the project is in design, construction and trial production, the occupational disease harm, occupational disease hazard pre-assessment design paper and the effect of occupational disease hazard control evaluation, fully follow the country about the project occupational-disease-prevention facilities with the principal part of engineering design, construction, simultaneously at the same time the production and use of principles, in conformity with the relevant occupational health laws and regulations of the state, the requirement of the specification. Review and acceptance opinion: by review ( Acceptance) The opinions of the rectification implementation: has been amended according to the expert advice and implement rectification. Lister: ShiJie tabulating date: September 5, 2017, contact phone number: 40717015
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