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Of zinc prices it is advisable to accumulate more profitable offer buyers on the sidelines

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Worry because of lack of zinc supply and China's economy is expected, London zinc rose above the 1900 mark rose $11, zinc high and volatile materials have repeatedly, and buyers to buy on dips, expected today is zinc prices edged up

' Of zinc market] Aaron zinc in 1871 dollars/tons, Asian time China's real estate data, such as zinc Aaron lifted after opening after shocks sideways, Europe and the United States time zinc continued to reduce inventory, and shortage of supply concerns, Aaron zinc rose above the 1900 mark up to 1917 dollars/tons, after long resistance increases, late back to 1890. 5 dollars/ton, up 10. $5 / ton, or 0. 56%, holdings of an increase of 1526 hands, 276333 volumes of 15387 an increase of 5405 hands; Shanghai zinc main 1606 contract rose 15200 yuan/ton, with outside dish go up to 15275 yuan/ton, after long lack of confidence, Shanghai zinc trend gradually weak, eventually closed to 15035 yuan/ton, down 30 yuan/ton, or 0. 2%, warehouse 9272 short hand.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: the shortage of supply concerns, of zinc in recent stage is better than other metals, and accumulated a lot of profit, the purchaser can temporarily, watching, waiting to buy on dips, forecast the spot market today zinc price 50 yuan/tons.
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