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On August 18, China metal extraction solution price net spot nickel day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Shanghai nickel movements: today Shanghai nickel slightly stronger, main 1609 contract opened 79580 yuan/ton, high of 80170 yuan/ton, the lowest 78650 yuan/ton, settlement price 79580 yuan, closed at 79780 yuan/ton, closed up 180 yuan, or 0. 23%; Shanghai nickel all contract deal 773024 hands, open reduction in the 7028 to 738020 hands. Main contract deal 733912 hands, holdings to reduce 3388 to 609926 hands. Beijing time 16:25, Aaron ni latest at $10310, up $75.

according to the statistics: 1 # 79600 - nickel prices quoted today Average price 80000 yuan/ton, 79800 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan, huatong spot 1 # 79800 - nickel prices Average price of 80200 yuan, 80000 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan, guangdong 79000 - nickel spot 80000 yuan/ton, fall flat. Domestic market spot nickel offer today at the 79000 - tonne 80200 yuan between.

nickel market analysis: today, the domestic spot nickel prices rose slightly, market supply adequate, some traders shipment of high active, downstream buyers as weak demand, inventory willing is not enough, the market clinch a deal the quiet.
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