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On June 17, China spot tin, evaluation of metal extraction solution price net

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai tin shakeouts Shanghai tin situation: today, the afternoon rose slightly, first month opening price 111810 yuan/ton, 1609 contract high of 113170 yuan/ton, the lowest 111280 yuan/ton, settlement price 112030 yuan/ton, closed at 111440 yuan/ton, closed up 400 yuan, up to 0. 36%; Today all contract deal 11764 hand, 694 to 12594 hand more holdings. Main contract volume 11516, 918 to 12476 hand more holdings. Beijing time 16:00, Aaron tin latest at $17150, up $145.

today spot tin movements: today 1 # 110000 - tin Average price 112500 yuan/ton, 111250 yuan/ton, down 250 yuan, huatong market quotation 110050-1 # tin 112050 yuan/ton, the average price of 111050 yuan, down 500 yuan. Yunnan tin company today maintain YunXi prices unchanged, the yunnan wind YunHeng 112500 yuan/ton, trade business yunshan cloud like 112000 yuan/ton, nanshan jinlong, etc. 111000 yuan/ton. Malaysia today spot tin prices recovered slightly to $17100 a tonne, or $150, turnover is 50 tons.

tin market analysis: today, the domestic spot tin price decline, smelter voluntarily cut price, close to the weekend, the downstream still wait-and-see sentiment strong, before receiving also relatively cautious, the market demand is weak, light volume.
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