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On June 20, 2018, kang PuHua learn to hydrometallurgy party Hydroprocess2018 meeting

by:Deyuan      2020-07-31
On June 20, 2018, the annual hydrometallurgy event Hydroprocess2018 in Santiago, Chile, the grand opening. The conference is one of the world's most important annual metallurgical activity, mainly discuss hydrometallurgy and non-metallic mining metallurgical industry development and innovation. As the only invited to attend domestic enterprises, we share the kang PuHua learn in this congress ( KOPPER) In metal solvent extraction technology and innovation process. Graph one: Hydroprocess2018 conference kang PuHua learning break the traditional development model of chemical enterprise, not only focus on product quality control, also invest more in innovation, took three years to develop in line with the extraction process of Simula - SX extraction simulating software. The software contains a wealth of data entry, accurate results output, and the economic benefit analysis module. Now the software has been applied to colleges and universities began and smelting enterprises. Figure 2: Simula - SX software interface believe this conference will make the image of Chinese enterprises in the peers in the South American market to get more recognition, deepen the communication and understanding with industry friends and fully display the charm of Chinese enterprises, show the Chinese companies in wet smelting and metal solvent extraction technology has made outstanding achievements. In the kang PuHua stands ready to work together with domestic partners hand in hand to expand overseas market, the development and maintenance, let the Chinese enterprises to go further and stronger.
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