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On June 24, China metal extraction solution price net spot zinc day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Shanghai: Shanghai zinc movements today leave low, high zinc 1607 months opening price of 15750 yuan, the current month high of 15775 yuan, 15420 yuan, the lowest settlement price 15565 yuan, closed at 15430 yuan/ton, closed down 200 yuan, or 1. 78%. Today Shanghai zinc all contract deal 472360 hand, holdings reduce 18888 to 356484 hands. Main contract deal 323172 hands, holdings to reduce 21774 to 163300 hands. Beijing time 16:00, Aaron zinc latest at $1988, 53. Five dollars.

zinc prices today, 0 # 15650 - zinc prices quoted today 15750 yuan/ton, the average price of 15700 yuan, down 50 yuan, 1 # 15600 - zinc prices quoted 15700 yuan/ton, the average price of 15650 yuan, down 50 yuan. Guangdong south store report 15270-0 # zinc 15570 yuan/ton, the average price of 15420 yuan, down 50 yuan, submitted to the 15220-1 # zinc 15520 yuan/ton, the average price of 15370 yuan, down 50 yuan, zinc spot market price is in 15250 - today 15750 yuan/ton.

zinc market analysis: today Shanghai zinc of weak spot zinc prices fell, the shipper of positive shipment, but not ideal in zinc factory orders at present, the downstream procurement demand is weak, clinch a deal market as a whole.
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