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On May 10, China metal extraction solution price net spot lead day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai: Shanghai lead movements today lead high, the current month 1605 contracts opened 12820 yuan/ton, intraday price 12920 yuan/ton, the lowest price 12810 yuan/ton, the settlement price of 12825 yuan, closed at 12810 yuan/ton, 15 yuan closed down, drop to zero. 12%. Shanghai lead all contract deal 14124 hands, open a reduction in the 696 to 34042 hands. Main contract volume 7614, 318 to 17482 hand more holdings. Beijing time 16:00, Aaron, lead the latest at $1750, up $21.

today's lead price statistics: 1 # lead at 12850 - today 13000 yuan/ton, the average price of 12925 yuan, flat, south store spot - 1 # lead at 12750 yuan Average price 12850 yuan/ton, 12800 yuan/ton, flat, huatong spot price quote 12900-1 # lead 13050 yuan/ton, the average price of 12975 yuan, flat. Lead domestic market spot price at 12850 - tonne 13000 yuan between.

lead market analysis: lead the domestic spot price stabilization is given priority to, today shipment traders actively, downstream order scarce procurement co. , LTD. , clinch a deal market as a whole.
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