Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, DEHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

On May 12 CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper essay: the dollar index was gained for six days after the fall, London copper edged up $15, market demand is weak, spread pessimism about the China's economic outlook, short-term copper market weakness, this spot copper price is not big. :

aluminium essay overnight dollar index tumbled to boost base metals rallied, Aaron aluminum rose $6, market confidence restored, night Shanghai aluminum with positive inflation, tight spot supply expected to drive, today's spot of aluminium or higher.

zinc prices essay: international group said the U. S. economic outlook is not good, a weaker dollar index stimulates the fund to enter, overnight the average zinc impact wear jump on the closed up 3. 05%, zinc prices are expected to challenge the previous high, expected this zinc price now.

lead essay: the oil of record for half a year, overnight lead shock rise closed up $20, and technology to good, the market waiting for April China industry, investment and real estate data, expected stabilizing, expected this lead to price rise now.

tin sn. Essay: crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly to stimulate a strong rebound in oil prices, the London tin benefit closed up $95, with poor digestion recent data on China market, Shanghai tin limited short-term gains, is expected to today's spot prices rise and fall.

nickel essay: evening a weaker dollar stimulate market buying, get a boost international metal across the rebound, Aaron ni closed up 1. 44%, technical improvement to the market confidence and stabilizing night Shanghai nickel plate movements, is expected to spot nickel edged up today.
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