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On May 20, China metal extraction solution price net spot zinc day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai: Shanghai zinc movements today zinc low open low, current month 1606 months opening price 14980 yuan/ton, high of 15060 yuan/tons, 14870 tons, the lowest settlement price 14970 yuan, 14925 yuan/ton, closed down 130 yuan, down to zero. 86%. Today Shanghai zinc all contract deal 342404 hand, 3378 to 309882 hand more holdings. Main contract deal 249428 hands, holdings to reduce 4778 to 161664 hands. Now Beijing time, Aaron zinc latest price quote $1872, up $9.

zinc prices today, 0 # 14900 - zinc prices quoted today 15000 yuan/ton, the average price of 14950 yuan, down 100 yuan, 1 # 14850 - zinc prices quoted 14950 yuan/ton, the average price of 1490 yuan, down 100 yuan; Guangdong south store report 14590-0 # zinc 14890 yuan/ton, the average price of 14740 yuan, down 60 yuan, submitted to the 14540-1 # zinc 14840 yuan/ton, the average price of 14690 yuan, down 60 yuan, zinc spot market price is in 14500 - today 15000 yuan/ton.

zinc market analysis: today, the domestic spot zinc prices, traders rush to cut price, inventory downstream procurement is still less, the market clinch a deal.
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