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On May 30, China metal extraction solution price net spot nickel day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai nickel movements: today Shanghai nickel continuation of the recent consolidation trend, the current month 1606 contracts opened 66350 yuan/ton, high of 66350 yuan/ton, the lowest 65750 yuan/ton, settlement price 65900 yuan, closed at 65990 yuan/ton, closing up 10 yuan, up to 0. 02%; Shanghai nickel all contract deal 559802 hand, 1250 to 742142 hand more holdings. Main contract deal 544958 hands, holdings to reduce 1268 to 660418 hands. LME market because today comes at a time when the public holiday.

according to the statistics: 1 # 65800 - nickel prices quoted today Average price 66600 yuan/ton, 66200 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan, huatong spot 1 # 66250 - nickel prices Average price 66650 yuan/ton, 66450 yuan/ton, up 250 yuan, guangdong 65600 - nickel spot 66600 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan, today maintained at jinchuan nickel ex-factory price 66500 yuan/ton, and unchanged. Domestic market spot nickel offer today at the 65600 - tonne 66600 yuan between.

nickel market analysis: today, the domestic spot nickel prices rose slightly, jinchuan company quoted price stabilization, downstream needs, business more than wait to actual transaction.
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