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On September 13, China's spot network solution of nickel metal extraction, reviews

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai nickel movements: today Shanghai nickel low open low, main 1701 contract opened 78820 yuan/ton, high of 79750 yuan/ton, the lowest 78680 yuan/ton, settlement price 79200 yuan, closed at 79310 yuan/ton, closed down $780, or 0. 97%; Today Shanghai nickel all contract deal 424070 hands, holdings reduce 7860 to 603620 hands. Main contract deal 416320 hands, holdings to reduce 7970 to 517318 hands. Beijing time ticket is Aaron ni latest at $10105, up $15.

according to the statistics: 1 # 78300 - nickel prices quoted today Average price 78700 yuan/ton, 78500 yuan/ton, down 100 yuan, huatong spot 1 # 78550 - nickel prices Average price of 78850 yuan, 78700 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan, guangdong 77600 - nickel spot 78600 yuan/ton, down 400 yuan. Today's jinchuan nickel ex-factory price from 78900 yuan/ton to 78500 yuan/ton, down 400 yuan. Domestic market spot nickel offer today at the 77600 - tonne 78850 yuan between.

nickel market analysis: the domestic spot nickel prices today, jinchuan nickel companies continue to cut price, close to holiday, downstream buyers dips a moderate amount of purchase is active, the market volume increased.
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