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On September 26, COMEX copper were reviewed

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
On September 26, news, New York, New York copper fell on Monday, with weaker global equity markets and lower risk appetite.

the most traded COMEX12 copper fell 0. 25 cents, or 0. 1%, to 2 per pound. $1985, over two days and even higher.

Germany commercial bank ( 德国商业银行) Analyst team think, Asian stock markets falling and rising risk aversion, suppression of copper prices. U. S. and European stocks also fall on Monday.

BGCPartners base metal head MichaelTurek will market tensions due to investor concern about the banking sector, lack of consensus between producers and later on Monday at the American presidential candidates will first debate.

Turek said in the report, is that people really worry about metal markets on all other factors except its own factors.

first American election, triggered the uncertainty of the market. American democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and republican candidate trump the debate between due to 21:00 (eastern time on Monday Beijing time on Tuesday at 9) Start, debate time 90 minutes. The debate could be called the most watched in American history and one of the highly anticipated political activities.

in recent weeks, copper benefited from a weaker dollar and China's economic prospects improve. Later this week, investors will focus on the manufacturing data in September, searching for clues about the copper demand.
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