Copper solvent extraction reagent, Nickel Cobalt extractant, DEHPA & Rare earth leaching solvent

On September 5th CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper essay: a stronger dollar on metal prices, every Zhou Lun copper pressure drop fell $10; Global stocks continue to increase or imply poor market demand, copper prices upward blocked, now is the spot copper co. , LTD.

aluminium essay: Friday's dollar index of strong pressure, aluminum pressure dropped more than 1. 4%, Japanese producers to cut car production car industry aluminum demand or early winter, aluminum prices rebound or inhibition, material is aluminum or not today.

zinc prices essay: the weak employment growth data rates weaken expectations and every $18 strong Zhou Lun zinc movements will continue rises, China's steel futures rose on Friday, or drive the domestic metal market sentiment, short-term spot zinc is expected to rise further. :

lead essay OPEC production frozen agreement is expected to enhance boost oil prices rise, acquisition of lead last week late rebound small rose $3, domestic lead prices because of the early rise too fast or will face a callback, material today now lead prices fall.

tin sn. Essay: non-farm weaker-than-expected data on Friday that the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to drop, every Zhou Lunxi maintain strong up $200, environmental restrictions and tightening supply expected to support the tin, tin today now or higher.

: nickel essay Zhou Lun nickel were up, late closed up 1. Back in all above 06%, the market for demand increase after the G20 summit this week, short-term market sentiment warm, is expected to rise in spot nickel today.
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