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On September 6, China metal extraction solution price net spot zinc day review

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Shanghai: Shanghai zinc movements today zinc and low 1611 months opening price of 18410 yuan, main month high of 18460 yuan, 18190 yuan, the lowest settlement price 18310 yuan, closed at 18285 yuan/ton, closed down $155, or 0. 84%. Today Shanghai zinc all contract deal 515606 hand, holdings reduce 30372 to 653308 hands. Main contract deal 312758 hands, holdings to reduce 10044 to 321234 hands. Beijing time 16:25, Aaron zinc latest at $2338, down $20.

zinc prices today, 0 # 18300 - zinc prices quoted today 18400 yuan/ton, the average price of 18350 yuan, down 100 yuan, 1 # 18250 - zinc prices quoted 18350 yuan/ton, the average price of 18300 yuan, down 100 yuan; Guangdong south store report 17900-0 # zinc 18200 yuan/ton, the average price of 18050 yuan, down 140 yuan, 1 # 17850 - zinc 18150 yuan/ton, the average price of 18000 yuan, down 140 yuan, zinc spot market price is in 17850 - today 18400 yuan/ton.

zinc market analysis: today Shanghai zinc, zinc spot price to fall, the grocers and drop shipment actively, downstream consumption off-season effect has not been completely subsided and spot demand remains, buyers in the market for on-demand libraries and market as a whole to clinch a deal.
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