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Operation process of centrifugal extraction equipment

by:Deyuan      2020-12-17

With the development of the PCB industry, many companies continue to pour into the market. PCB production will produce a large amount of copper-containing wastewater during etching, pickling, brushing, and washing. Such wastewater causes serious pollution to the environment and requires effective treatment. Recycling organic copper for recycling, and wastewater meets the discharge standard, is the direction that the industry needs to study at present.

At present, the treatment methods for copper-containing sludge wastewater produced by PCB include: 1. Solidification of sludge and landfill treatment; 2. Materialization of sludge; 3. Thermochemical treatment of sludge; 4. Metal copper in sludge Recycling technology. Comprehensive market effect, recycling the metallic copper in the sludge is a better solution.

The PCB copper-containing sludge is first leached from the copper in the sludge by acid leaching, ammonia leaching, or biological leaching, and then chemical precipitation, ion exchange, electrolysis, solvent extraction or microbial purification methods are used. Recycle elemental copper or copper salt. Among them, the solvent extraction method quickly occupied an important position due to its environmental protection and rapidity. The use of centrifugal extractor solvent extraction method to recycle copper-containing wastewater, on the one hand, reduces the cost of sludge landfill, incineration, etc.; on the other hand, 'turns waste into treasure' and realizes the recycling and utilization of copper resources, which is a great opportunity for enterprises. It has brought good economic benefits, reduced business costs, and fully realized the economic value of sludge.

In the operation process, the copper-containing wastewater treatment sludge adopts acid leaching-extraction process to recycle the copper in the sludge. The copper-containing sludge is first leached out of copper through sulfuric acid, and the copper-containing leaching solution and extractant are injected into the centrifugal extractor in a certain proportion. With the help of the rotation of the drum, the two phases are quickly mixed and dispersed through the impeller to complete the mixing and mass transfer process. The mixed liquid enters the drum under the action of the vortex disk. Under the action of centrifugal force, the two-phase liquid is quickly separated and discharged from the body through different outlets to complete the two-phase separation process. Finally, the extraction agent and the stripping agent are recycled for recycling. Copper in the leaching solution.
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