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Our administration department trade union group was awarded the honorary title of 'model worker family' in chongqing

by:Deyuan      2020-07-30
Recently, the chongqing municipal federation of trade unions issued a 'about city model worker ( Small) To create the bulletin, our administration department trade union group was awarded the honorary title of 'model worker family' in chongqing. In recent years, the administration department trade union group under the leadership of the trade union committee of the company, to create a 'harmonious home, the home of democracy and culture of the home, warm home' as the goal, solid worker home construction work, achieved good results. Actively assist the company trade unions and other departments on a regular basis to carry out 'safety month', 'job training', 'knowledge competition' and other competitions. At the same time, to carry out various forms of literary style activities such as badminton, table tennis. To improve the staff's cultural quality, enrich the spare life of employees, to enhance the staff's cohesive force and centripetal force. Adhere to the implementation of the factory, the union group attaches great importance to the democratic management, the vital interests of the major decisions involving their staff widely listen to employees opinion, advancing its labor union to democratization. Adhere to carry out condolences to birthday, holiday sympathy, 'heart-warming activities', such as difficult support life care worker, the organization care penetration into the heart, each worker for the worker to build a 'happy work, happy life' the warmth of home. Won the title, is not only one kind of affirmation to the administration department trade union group work, but also a spur for future work. Administrative department as a new starting point, we will continue to do a worker home construction, does the practical work, to do good for the worker, problem solving, promote the trade union work to a new level.
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