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Pakistan customer visited our manufacture

Pakistan customer visited our manufacture


On the year of 2014, one Pakistan customer visited our manufacture to talk about the business of copper extraction reagent, we helped them to visit our user's extraction plant, they were suprised by the scale.

Their question as below:

We have been entrusted a job to establish a plant for production of copper from its ore mainly chalcocite through hydrometallurgy. For that we are interested to purchase the following:

1. A bench scale/pilot scale solvent extraction plant for production of accurate data for plant design purposes. It should be capable of handling 10 - 40 liter/minute of combined aqueous and organic flow. The nature of ore to be processed is a secondary sulphide chalcocite which would be leached first and the pregnant leach solution will be processed through solvent extraction (SX) and electro winning (EW) to produce LME grade copper. The approximate copper content in the ore is 0.7%.

2. An SX-EW plant capable of processing 15000 ton/day ore as mentioned above.

3. The extract reagent would be LIX984N, ACORGA M5640 or equivalent and the diluent would be purified kerosene.

4. Equipment for heap leaching by sulfuric acid.

5. We would appreciate if you could arrange extraction and stripping isotherms of the copper extraction with LIX984N in purified kerosene.

6. Avecia computer modeling software

7. Quotation for the above may please be arranged.

Finally they choose our reagent of DZ988N.

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