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Pantothenic acid lactone counter-current extraction project - level 6 Ethyl acetate centrifugal extraction equipment configuration scheme

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
D - Calcium pantothenate, also known as vitamin B5, is the human life activities must be vitamin, and can be used as feed additives and additive products, its huge market capacity.

D - pantothenic acid lactone is preparation Calcium pantothenate important raw material in the synthesis of pantothenic acid lactone in the production process, must choose high yield, high product purity and environment friendly green synthesis method, and green synthesis method of solvent extraction is the key operation unit.

zhengzhou extraction technology co. , LTD, as a liquid liquid extraction process and equipment providers, more than 10 years dedicated to chemical, pharmaceutical, hydrometallurgy, organic wastewater, oil-water separation, liquid-liquid separation of research in the field of practice. In the green economy, driven by extracting new extraction technology and green environmental protection equipment by the majority of customers at home and abroad, especially many fine chemicals, pharmaceutical production enterprises have introduced � � � a new extraction extraction � � technology and centrifugal extraction equipment, good good extraction effect, the two sides become the long-term partner.

hebei some pharmaceutical enterprise is an enterprise engaged in production of pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical intermediates, in 2017, the company in the expansion project of preparing calcium pantothenate, pantothenic acid lactone extraction section adopted the zhengzhou extraction level 6. cwl centrifugal extraction process equipment, specific details for:

the project name: ethyl acetate counter-current extraction pantothenic acid lactone project construction time:

2017 project address: hebei
design flux: 8 cubic/H series:
extraction level 6
operation mode:
extraction heavy phase countercurrent extraction: concentrate ( Pantothenic acid amine, pantothenic acid lactone, water)
extraction phase: ethyl acetate ( EA) Compared to
range: 1:30 - Spake
extraction temperature: room temperature
equipment selection: CWL350-6 sets M
equipment material: stainless steel 304
equipment characteristics: hanging structure, free maintenance, continuous extraction separation all-in-one

CWL350 - Zhengzhou extraction M centrifugal extraction machine is the company independent research and development with independent intellectual property products, patent number: ZL2014205865573, this series of equipment, the machine has compact structure, adopts hanging on structure design, cancel at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal, very good to avoid the problem of traditional centrifugal extraction machine leakage at the bottom of the material; Also adopt a totally enclosed design, to avoid the organic material in the process of extraction liquid, a gas leak is really efficient, safe, environmental protection of the centrifugal extraction equipment, applicable to pantothenic acid lactone extract production completely.

pantothenic acid ester in aqueous solution extracted by ethyl acetate, then the concentrated get pantothenic acid lactone, distillation, crystallization, the process simple operation, mild reaction conditions, safety, environmental protection, industrial applicability.
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