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Peripheral policy lead a bullish boost prices rebound

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Frozen produce consensus that Russia and Saudi Arabia, after oil prices jumped up expansion to boost market sentiment, metal London lead lows closed up $31, single entry volume rose sharply, material today now lead price

' Lead futures market 】 Aaron, lead to open in 1690. 5 dollars/tons, Asian time lead light volume, low as $1680 / ton, led by Aaron zinc after 16 PM quickly pull litre, frozen produce consensus that Europe and the United States time Russia and Saudi Arabia, after oil prices jumped up expansion boost lead prices higher, and closed at $1722 / ton, up 30. $5 / ton, or 1. Increased 8%, the volume of 5633 2387, 128530 hands slightly increased holdings; Main Shanghai lead 1606 month rose to 13110 yuan/ton, after vibrate outside dish go up to 13380 yuan/ton, the 20 daily average lines down to recover some of their gains weight closed at 13305 yuan/ton, rose 275 yuan/ton, up 2. 19%, days after about 20, 40, pressure line can breakthrough.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: the other metal drive the lead price lows, lead ingot spot market price purchase orders increased slightly, but the volume is not large, still focus on the us march retail sales figures and PPI data tonight, forecast the spot market today's lead price 300 yuan/tons.
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