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Petroleum olefins cracking in the process of phenol wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-26
Petroleum olefins cracking unit to produce ethylene is given priority to, at the same time combined four fractions, propylene and carbon by dimethyl formamide ( DMF) Available or acetonitrile extraction butadiene. Cracking by-product of FCC gasoline, removing carbon five and nine, the rest of the carbon six to eight fractions by two paragraphs can get hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation. It contains aromatics, generally over 60%, the aromatics extraction can get benzene, toluene, xylene. Its in the process of production will produce large amounts of waste water containing phenol, this paper mainly introduces using liquid-liquid extraction method and treatment of wastewater containing phenol removal in the process of petroleum cracking process.
hydrocarbon cracking is larger molecules of hydrocarbons in oil is the raw material at high temperature was broken chain reaction and dehydrogenation reaction process of smaller molecules of ethylene and propylene. Hydrocarbon cracking reaction is endothermic process, belong to free radical chain reaction. It includes dehydrogenation, chain scission, isomerization, dehydrogenation cyclization, aromatization and alkylation, polymerization, condensation and coking reaction, very complex, so the cracking is a combination of many chemical reaction process. Because as raw materials for the cracking of petroleum fractions, it is a mixture of various hydrocarbons, the hydrocarbon cracking process more complicated.
petrochemical wastewater composition complex. Pyrolysis process of wastewater are basically the same as the oil refining wastewater, in addition to the oil may also have some intermediate product mix, sometimes containing cyanide. Because each are not identical, product variety and process wastewater composition is very complex. The general characteristics of suspended matter, soluble or opacifying sexual organic matter much, often containing oil and toxic substances, sometimes also contains impurities such as sulfur and phenol.
oil cracking wastewater treatment:
1. Grille: grille should be set up in the wastewater treatment of waste water inlet, or before the lift pump in sewage. Used to prevent gross solids such as grass, garbage, plastic, fiber content and so on, in order to prevent the machine pumps, pipes and subsequent equipment blocking or damage.
    2. Precipitation: settling basin is generally divided into flat streaming, erect, auxiliary streaming and inclined plate sedimentation tank. Primary sedimentation tank as a primary treatment, biological treatment is the pretreatment of the facilities, the sewage medium density larger suspension to precipitation separation of main facilities. Oil companies often use tank or settler drilling and oil extraction wastewater treatment, removal of suspended solids.
oil sewage treatment: the secondary sedimentation tank is indispensable structures, biological treatment process in petrochemical enterprise sewage farm has been widely adopted. Is mainly used to remove the biological treatment process of sludge, and the treated water clarification is, at the same time to provide certain concentration backflow sludge biological treatment equipment.
    1. Suspension method which is also called air flotation, its working principle is to try to access to or produce a large number of bubbles in the water, formation water, gas and removed material three-phase non-uniform system, on the interfacial tension, bubble buoyancy and static water under the action of pressure difference, is a combination of bubbles and removed material to rise to the surface, separating from the water. Air flotation in the petroleum and petrochemical industry is generally used to remove the oil in the water. Use is to improve the flotation efficiency of flotation agent the JianBian the most economical way. Was originally used as a flotation agent are some inorganic flocculants such as: AL2 ( SO4) 3, alkali type ALCL3, alum, afterwards they are gradually replaced by polymer flotation agent, such as polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, starch, etc.
    2. Insulation oil: oil separation process is mainly used to remove the suspended in the oil bearing sewage and coarse dispersed oil, so widely used in petroleum chemical industry, especially the oil recovery wastewater treatment will drain device as the core equipment. Oil separation device is generally divided into flat flow, inclined plate flow inclined plate combined three kinds of peace. Oil sewage treatment generally adopt tank insulation, petrochemical wastewater treatment using separation tank.
    3. Oil bearing assembly technique, is the use of oil and water two phase difference and the coalescence of the nature of material surface binding force of markedly different characteristics, when the oily sewage by filling the coalescence material bed, oil droplet is captured by the material stranded on material surface and inside the space, as the capture oil thickening of grain content and form of oil film, when the thickness of oil film to achieve a certain bureau formed a larger oil beads separated from the water. Gather produce oil has become an important technology of oil wastewater treatment.
    4. Gas stripping: from the production unit in acidic water, mainly containing NH3, and H2S and CO2, such as those directly into the refinery sewage farm, according to the 'old' ( Oil separation, flotation and aeration) Process for processing, the discharge of waste water can not meet the discharge standards. In order to ensure smooth running of sewage treatment and discharge water qualified, for waste water containing sulfur, high ammonia nitrogen, pretreatment must be carried out device. Gas lift method, adopting the appropriate process and operating conditions, can put the recycling waste water purification to the different water quality requirements or meet the water quality index requirements of sewage treatment plant, and can according to demand the by-product of H2S and NH3.
    5. Filtering based on granular filter material with gap, such as quartz sand, anthracite lu: liao intercept impurities in water, so that the processes of water are clarified.
    6. Among components extraction: it is in the mixture, the separation methods, in addition to the distillation, petroleum cracking wastewater can be treated by extraction method. Specific see http://www. cncuiqu。 Com more related technical documents.
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