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Pharmaceutical extraction process and the wastewater treatment process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-27
Pharmaceutical extraction industry classification
drugs according to its characteristics can be divided into organic drugs, antibiotics, inorganic medicines and Chinese herbal medicine four categories, at present, the production of about 2000 kinds of commonly used drugs, different kinds of drugs to use raw materials of different type and quantity. In addition, the production technology of different drugs and synthetic route and the difference is larger, especially in the pharmaceutical after one phase, the purification and refining process, to use different methods to process. In order to improve the medicinal properties of drugs and targeted for the disease, in medicine raw � � � often need to be in the process of biological, physical and chemical, craft synthetically, such as biological ferment method to produce drugs ( Antibiotics, etc. ) Subject to chemical synthesis and improve its effectiveness in the late, as a result, pharmaceutical production process and the composition of wastewater is very complex
pharmaceutical extraction production process can be divided into two kinds of, biological pharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical.
biopharmaceutical refers to through the life activities of microorganisms, food and other organic material to ferment, filtering, that draw the drug in the process. Biopharmaceutical and according to the scope of biological engineering discipline is divided into four categories: ( a) Fermentation engineering pharmaceutical, b) Cell engineering pharmaceutical ( c) Enzyme engineering pharmaceutical, d) Genetic engineering pharmaceutical. The fermentation engineering pharmaceutical development has a long history and mature technology, wide application, it is through 徴 biological life activity, grain and other organic materials to ferment, indeed, refined into drug products, such drugs include antibiotic, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, organic acids, coenzyme, enzyme inhibitors, hormone, immune regulation substance and other physiological activities.
chemical drugs is using chemical method of organic matter or inorganic matter synthesis pharmaceutical chemical reaction to generate other substances.
the two drugs in their production process there is a connection, some of the chemical pharmaceutical raw materials for biological fermentation pharmaceutical raw products, that is, produce preliminary product line hair cool, then different coarse product for chemical synthesis, production of finished product, also, for biopharmaceuticals, in fermentation, creation and purification of crude product is sometimes also used a lot of chemical methods in the process of the chemical into composite, produce finished products. Therefore, for the classification of the pharmaceutical industry also has a different view.
in addition, there is a physical or chemical method is adopted to form directly extracted from plants and animals medicine pharmaceutical production mode, the drug product is domestic manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicine, foreign also known as natural drugs, these drugs in recent years, rapid development, is also the focus of China's pharmaceutical industry to make loading first exhibition.

antibiotic production wastewater source in a wide range of pharmaceutical products, antibiotics, no matter from its role and influence, or production crystal type, as well as the characteristics of production process and so on various aspects, has representative significance. Antibiotics are microbes, plants or animals (in the process of its life Using chemical, biological or biochemical method) Compounds, in low concentrations in sexual selection inhibit or kill him kind of microorganisms or ability of tumor cells, is human to control infectious disease, protect health body and important chemotherapy drugs for the prevention and control of animal and plant diseases.
there are many different kinds of antibiotics and various production mode and the pharmaceutical production methods can produce different antibiotics, which in the form of biological fermentation. At the same time, in many fermentation engineering pharmaceutical products, antibiotic and is one of the domestic and foreign research and production of drugs, pharmaceutical industry production of waste water in industrial waste water accounts for a considerable proportion of the total amount, but also accounts for a considerable proportion of the total pollutants discharge.
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