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Pharmaceutical intermediates extraction reaction kettle technical operation process

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Pharmaceutical companies in the pharmaceutical intermediates extraction can be used when the extraction tank, extraction tower, reaction kettle, centrifugal extraction machine and other equipment, but with the development of technology and the requirements of the enterprise is more and more high, the traditional equipment has been unable to meet the needs of customers.

in the near future a pharmaceutical company to inquire about a series of problems appeared in the process of pharmaceutical intermediates extraction solution. The companies choose the reaction kettle for extraction of pharmaceutical intermediates, which appeared in the process of operating the following problems: 1. The reaction kettle of water big, low extraction efficiency; 2. Interface for manual operation, the operation is difficult; 3. Extraction of entrainment may be produced.

by understanding, customer production process problems, using centrifugal extraction machine can solve. Centrifugal extraction machine is an improvement on traditional extraction equipment innovation, centrifugal extraction machine is relying on the centrifugal force will be two phase liquid mixing and separation, mixing and mass transfer is fast, high extraction efficiency.

centrifugal extraction machine in the process of operation, the two phase fluid according to certain proportion into the centrifugal extraction machine, the two-phase fluid by centrifugal force to fully mixing and mass transfer, will depend on the shear stress, the mixture after rapid separation, separation effect is good, no entrainment, high extraction efficiency, the operation is simple and convenient.

at present the company has complete technical renovation, centrifugal extraction machine in the workshop running stability, can meet the production needs of customers.
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