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Pharmaceutical intermediates extraction synthesis reaction kettle transformation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-18
Many pharmaceutical companies in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates extraction early USES reaction kettle, mostly because the extraction equipment come out earlier, and the price cheap, belongs to the early extraction equipment. But with the development of science and technology, as well as the pharmaceutical industry to expand production, the reaction kettle has been unable to meet the demand of the enterprise production operation process, so the reaction kettle is the pharmaceutical companies are faced with the problem of reformation.

reaction kettle common problems in the process of production:

1, the use of stainless steel reaction kettle, washing, six times the amount of each to 1, with 6 square water always

2, for the first time washing 80 ℃, the rest of 50 - five times 60 ℃, there are materials at room temperature, each batch of material 4 cubic,

3, each tank material mix 1 hour, clarify the 40 min, the solvent of xylene;

comprehensive customer existing problems, found that the reaction kettle problem is more, in the process of operation and operation process is very complex, the need for technical improvement. Then combining the extraction process, the choice of centrifugal extraction machine is more appropriate. Centrifugal extraction machine is zhengzhou days extraction technology research and development production of a new centrifugal extraction equipment, high efficiency, compared with the traditional extraction equipment, the working principle of the distinction that having essence. Centrifugal extraction machine mainly rely on centrifugal force for hybrid separation, mixing and mass transfer time is short, high extraction efficiency, greater capacity, more energy efficient, various material system can be applied at the same time.

pattern is under the action of centrifugal force at high speed centrifugal extraction split two phase materials, whether in performance, or equipment, technical condition such as appearance, is the new equipment. So, the new extraction equipment alternatives to traditional extraction reaction kettle is inevitable trend.

if want to learn more about centrifugal extraction machine operating principles and process, can contact the zhengzhou days extraction online engineers!
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