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Pharmaceutical intermediates washing extraction process is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-08-11
Pharmaceutical intermediates preparation, through technology development, it is commonly used liquid-liquid extraction technology, using suitable extractant by centrifugal extraction machine will be transferred to extractant organic matter in active pharmaceutical ingredients, through extraction, washing, the extraction and purification technology to achieve.

extraction washing process for pharmaceutical intermediates, use new. cwl - more M centrifugal extraction machine, compared with traditional mixer settler and extraction tower, the working principle of centrifugal extraction machine with both the distinction that having essence. Centrifugal extraction machine is the use of motor driven rotary drum high-speed rotation, the density of different and each of two immiscible liquids in drum or under the action of shear force produced by the rotation of blades complete mixing and mass transfer, and the effects of the centrifugal force in the high-speed rotating drum under rapid separation.

pharmaceutical intermediates washing extraction operation flow chart:

compared with traditional mixer settler and extraction tower, centrifugal extraction machine level reserved time is short, the split phase quickly, high extraction efficiency, save the investment cost and solvent recycling fee. So the centrifugal extraction machine is widely used in without solid or containing a small amount of solid or liquid liquid extraction separation process. Mainly has: the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, petroleum industry, food industry, oil-water separation, wet metallurgy, environmental protection industry and other fields.

1, the pharmaceutical industry - — The preparation of pharmaceutical intermediates and apis, traditional Chinese medicine material extraction, etc.

2, fine chemical, — Chemical industry, pesticide intermediates, spices, cosmetics raw material extraction, DMF, 10-channel DMAC and other organic solvent extraction

3, the oil industry - — Lubricating oil extraction of refined diesel desulfurization, etc.

4, the food industry - — Lactic acid, citric acid fermented liquid extraction separation, cooking oil, food pigment extraction,

5, hydrometallurgy - — Copper, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, zinc, rubidium, and rare earth elements such as extraction separation, salt lake boron, lithium extraction

6, the environmental protection industry -- — Waste water, waste acid treatment, printing and dyeing wastewater containing phenol ( H acid, T acid, etc. ) , such as DMF wastewater, naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater processing

7, oil-water separation - — Part of the separation of organic solvent and water

centrifugal extraction machine equipment image:
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