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Phenol wastewater treatment in metallurgical industry

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Phenol wastewater treatment technology in metallurgical industry, because of coking wastewater containing phenol, phenol wastewater is a kind of harm, environmental pollution of waste water, therefore, of phenol waste water produced in the metallurgical industry must undertake administrative, period after reaching discharge standard to emissions, in addition, phenol is important chemical raw materials, in the treatment of phenol wastewater. Should be recycled.
the researchers at home and abroad for many years phenol wastewater treatment and recycling in the metallurgical industry to do a lot of work. Among them, the solvent extraction is a kind of removing phenol industry commonly used method, solvent extraction method of removing phenol technology there are two main types: physical extraction dephenolizing process and cooperate with reaction and extraction dephenolizing process.
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